Netflix is available on multiple platforms from smartphones to TVs to gaming consoles, casting devices, etc. Netflix is a Chromecast-ready app, and it will natively support casting and AirPlay. There is no need for screen mirroring or any third-party screen mirroring apps. But sometimes, there may be some errors, and Netflix will not work properly with Chromecast. The issues maybe with the device from which you are streaming or with Netflix itself. The most common problems include cast icon not showing on Netflix, error in connecting with device, video not Loading, server Issues, Chromecast not Showing Netflix, and more. All these issues can be fixed with the troubleshooting methods suggested below. Here are some of the reasons for Netflix not working with Chromecast

  1. Network issues
  2. Pending app updates
  3. Device update
  4. The device needs a restart
  5. HDMI port
  6. Server down
  7. Browser update
  8. Caches need to be cleared
  9. Storage space issues

Simple Fixes for Netflix Not Working on Chromecast

All the above issues can be fixed with the following fixes.

1. App Server Down Check

Netflix Site Server Down

Sometimes the Netflix server may go down for various purposes like maintenance or network traffic, etc. In those times, the Netflix app may not work for a particular amount of time. You can find that the server is down through social media or know about it by installing and using it on a different device. If the Netflix app is down, you wouldn’t be able to use it on any other device. To fix it, you have to wait for the server to be back for a while.

2. Check WiFi Network

Check WiFi Network

Sometimes the WiFi connection may create some problems while streaming with Netflix on Chromecast. WiFi is one of the mandatory things while streaming with Chromecast. So you should restart the router or check whether both devices are on the same WiFi network. If not, connect your smartphone or computer to the same WiFi network as your Chromecast device.

3. App Update/ Browser Update

Sometimes the app may be out of date, and we might have missed any new updates. So you will need to check any new update is available for the Netflix app. If there is an update, make sure to update the app. Sometimes while casting from the Google Chrome of PC, you might have forgotten to get the latest version of Google Chrome. So make sure to update the browser on your computer.

4. Restart Chromecast device or the device from which you are casting

Restart Chromecast device

The problem with the device may be a serious one. But with a simple restart, you can easily get rid of some issues that you are facing. If you have any hanging or black screen issues on your mobile or laptop, restart those devices. Sometimes you have to restart the Chromecast device in order to get rid of the issues. Simply disconnecting the Chromecast streaming device will do, or you have to use the Google Home app to proceed with the process.

5. Update the Chromecast device or Check for Mobile Updates/System Updates

Update Netflix to Work Properly

What if your streaming devices have got their own updates? In such cases, you will need to update your smartphone or tablet or the computer from which you are streaming. The older version might not be supporting the casting. In such cases, you will need to update the device. Sometimes the Chromecast device itself will get its own updates. So make sure to update the Chromecast firmware. As the Chromecast device doesn’t have any UI, you need to use the Google Home app.

6. Clear Caches

The storage space will always be trouble while doing any sort of activities on your smartphones or tablets or any other streaming devices. So you will be clearing the cache. You can clear the cache on your smartphone or computer from the Settings app. Clearing some space will always help you to have better quality streaming.

7. HDMI Extender

Netflix Not Working on Chromecast

HDMI Extender will help you to connect your Chromecast device to your TV. If your Chromecast device is far away from the WiFi, the connection may loose. So keeping it near within the WiFi range is important. In such cases, using an HDMI Extender will do the job so easily.

8. Reset the Chromecast device

If none of the above fixes helped, the final option is to reset the Chromecast device to its factory settings. If you find the problem is not with the streaming device but with the smartphone or computer, then simply reset the respective devices to factory settings. A factory reset will erase each and every data on your device, so make sure to back up everything before resetting.

9. Other Fixes

Screen Limit: The maximum simultaneous stream on Netflix is 5. If you are streaming on more than five devices, then the app may not work. So all you have to do is sign out from other devices to start streaming.

Netflix Not Working on Chromecast

Remover Special Characters: If your Chromecast device name has some special characters, the device may not recognize it. So make sure to change your Chromecast name by removing any special characters or fonts that cannot be recognized by your device.

Turn off Antivirus or VPN: An antivirus sometimes gets overly protective of your device and will not let you stream with Netflix. Or a VPN that isn’t compatible with the Netflix app will not load the Netflix contents. So turn off your Antivirus or VPN to start streaming. If the content is geo-restricted in your area, Chromecast Netflix with a VPN.

Subscription Over or Cancelled: Sometimes the Netflix may not work due to subscription issues. If your subscription is over, make sure that you renewed it, or else the contents will not load.

Netflix Not Working on Chromecast

10. Contact Customer Support

With all the above-mentioned fixes, you can make the Netflix app working well with your Chromecast device. If nothing works, the better way is to contact customer support and get some professional advice. If you find that the problem is with the Netflix app, then contact Netflix customer support. On the contrary, if you find the device is the issue, you may either need to repair or replace the device. You can contact Chromecast customer support for assistance.

If you have tried all the above-mentioned techniques and still the app isn’t working, then you may try to replace the Chromecast device. Or understand that the Netflix service content that you are loading is geo-restricted and will not load. Frequently visit our site, and we will keep you posted on various Chromecast topics.