Whatsapp is one of the most used messaging apps across the globe. This application was initially developed as a cross-platform messaging app. Whatsapp was acquired by Facebook in the year 2014 and plenty of features were added to it. From a cross-platform messaging app, Whatsapp now allows users to video or audio call other Whatsapp users for free. Like Snapchat and Facebook, you can also update a status which will be shown to your contacts. This application is available on almost all the platforms including Android, iOS, Windows, MAC and much more. If you are looking to cast Whatsapp calls to TV, you can easily do it with the help of Google Chromecast. Let us discuss how to Chromecast Whatsapp videos calls, Audio Calls, Messages and status in this post.

How to Chromecast Whatsapp?

There are two ways to Chromecast Whatsapp app:

  1. Screen Mirror using Android Phone
  2. Use Whatsapp web on Chrome browser on PC

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Screen Mirror Whatsapp using Chromecast on Android Phone


  • Android Phone
  • Google Chromecast
  • A TV with HDMI port
  • WiFi connectivity

Pre-requisite: Plug-in Google Chromecast to the HDMI port of your TV. Connect Chromecast and your Phone to the same WiFi network.


1: Go to “Settings” on your Android phone.

2: In the “Settings” page, click on the “Connected Devices” option.

Chromecast Whatsapp

3: Now click on the “Connection Preferences” option.

Chromecast Whatsapp

4: In the Connection Preferences page, click on the “Cast” option.

Cast button

5: The Chromecast device name will appear on the screen.

Click on device name

6: Click on the Chromecast device name.

7. A pop up will appear to let you know about screen mirroring. Click “Start Now” to proceed. Your phone screen will now appear on your TV.

Chromecast Whatsapp

8. Open Whatsapp on your phone. You can read messages, view statuses, make video calls and audio calls. Everything will now appear on your TV.

Note: While video calling, you can see the screen on the TV but you will hear the audio on your Phone only. You cannot hear the voice on the TV.

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Use Whatsapp web on Chrome browser on your Desktop

1: Open Chrome browser on your desktop.

2: Go to the URL “https://web.whatsapp.com/“.

3: Right-click on the webpage and click on the “Cast” button.

Right click - Cast

4: The Chrome browser will search for available device names and displays it.

Select TV name

5: Click on the sources button and tap on “Cast Tab” button.

Chromecast Whatsapp

6: Now click on the device name to cast the tab to your TV.

Chromecast Whatsapp

The Whatsapp will now appear on your TV. You can read messages, check statuses and start a conversation. You can also view images available on the Whatsapp and play videos as well.

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The above are the two methods available to Chromecast Whatsapp to your TV. By casting Whatsapp, you can see the messages on the big screen, watch Whatsapp videos & photos on your TV and much more. You can also Chromecast Whatsapp Video calls using your phone by following the steps mentioned above.

Thank you for reading this post.