How to Reset Chromecast to Factory Settings

How to Reset Chromecast?

There is always a time when your best device causes issues like getting hung often or working too slowly. The device might get back to normal if you reset it. Sometimes you might face similar issues in Google Chromecast as well. Even Google suggests users reset their Chromecast if they face any issues after updating. There are two methods to reset a Chromecast.

Reasons to Reset Chromecast

Let us look at the reasons why you should reset Chromecast.

  • Chromecast Not Working: Resetting Chromecast is necessary when encountering lagging or not working issues. But Chromecast not working is a common issue. So we recommend you follow the other troubleshoots like rebooting and updating Firestick, checking the internet connection, etc., before you jump to resetting.
  • Chromecast Not Updating: If your Chromecast device is not updating to the latest version, you can try resetting the device to update Chromecast Firmware.
  • Selling the Device: If you plan to switch to a new steaming device by selling the old one, factory reset your Chromecast device to remove all the stored data and improve performance.

Ways to Reset Chromecast?

Here are the two methods required to reset Chromecast:

  1. Using the Google Home App
  2. Using the button in the Chromecast device

How to Reset Google Chromecast using the Google Home App?

Follow the steps below to reset using the Google Home application:

One Step Guide: Launch Google Home app > Click Devices > Select your Chromecast > Select Menu icon under Device Setting > Click Factory Reset > Click Ok.

1. Open the Google Home application on your phone.

App Store
Google Play Store
How to Reset Chromecast?

2. On the home screen of the Google Home application, click on the “Devices” button located in the upper right corner of the app.

3. Choose the device name which you want to reset.

4. Go to the device settings tab.

5. Click on the three-dotted menu icon, which is located at the top of the device page.

6. You will find the “Factory Reset” button. Click on it to reset your device.

Click Factory Reset
Click Factory Reset

7. The app will prompt confirmation. Click “Yes” to proceed.

How to Reset Chromecast?

The Chromecast will start the factory resetting process.

Note: By resetting your Chromecast, you will lose all the data synced with it. Therefore, think twice before resetting your device.

How to Reset Chromecast using the button on the Device?

Chromecast 1st generation:

Plugin the Chromecast into your TV and press and hold the button in Chromecast for 25 seconds until the LED lights begin flashing on your device. You can find your TV going blank, and Chromecast starts rebooting.

How to Reset Chromecast?

Chromecast 2nd Gen, 3rd Gen, and Ultra:

Plugin the Chromecast onto your TV and press the side button until the blinking orange light turns white. Release once it turns white, and you can see the Chromecast rebooting.

Press & Hold the button

With Compatible Chromecast Apps, you can easily cast from your smartphone/ PC to stream your favorite on a big screen. The above are the two methods that can be used to factory reset your Chromecast. By resetting your Google Chromecast, you will lose your data which can not be undone. You can proceed to reset only if you have no other solution to solve the issue on your device.


How to factory reset a Chromecast device without the Google Home app?

Press and hold the button on your Chromecast device for a few seconds to factory reset your Chromecast device without the Google Home app.

What to do if the reset option does not appear in Google Home for Chromecast devices?

Maybe the app you have is an outdated version, or you may have connection issues with your Chromecast device and Smartphone.

How to reset Chromecast with a Google TV device?

On your Google TV, go to the System > About > Factory Reset and confirm the reset.

How to change my Chromecast name?

To change your Chromecast name, on the Google Home app, go to Settings > Name > enter a new name and add.

Can you change the Chromecast background?

Yes, you can easily change the Chromecast screensaver or background.

How do I change the Chromecast Wi-Fi?

Using Google Home on your mobile device, go to your Chromecast device settings > Device Information > W-Fi > Forget This Network > Tap it again to confirm. To add a Wi-Fi signal, click Plus Sign > Set up > New device > Tap your home and follow the prompts to switch to your new Wi-Fi network.