Disney Plus is an American streaming service from The Walt Disney. It is one of the over-the-top streaming services that feature content from Pixar, Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geography. All original series and shows are distributed on the Disney+ over-the-top streaming service. The app is compatible with your various streaming devices, and it includes Chromecast. There are so many reasons for which an app may not be working with a device. But all those issues can be fixed by ourselves. Now, let us discuss the fixes for Disney Plus not working on Chromecast.

Most Common Issues

It is easy to Chromecast Disney Plus to your TV from a smartphone or computer. But, then you may face the following issues while streaming.

  • Network and connectivity issues
  • Device heating
  • Updates for apps and firmware
  • Server and router Issues
  • Black screen
  • Cast icon not showing
  • Chromecast device name not showing
  • Storage space issues
  • Content blocked in your region

Fix the Chromecast Device

1. Restart Google Chromecast: To restart the Google Chromecast, all you need to do is to launch the Google Home app and select your Chromecast device. Tap the three-dotted menu icon on the top-right corner of the screen. Then, select the reboot option.

Restart Chromecast

2. HDMI Connection: Make sure that your streaming device and TV are connected well in order to prevent the connection from being lost. If the device isn’t enough, use an HDMI extender to connect.

3. Network Fixes: What if your Chromecast device isn’t connected to the internet or the connection is lost? All you have to do is make sure to connect the streaming device to the same WiFi network as that of your smartphone.

Check internet connection

4. Firmware Update: If your streaming device isn’t updated, you should update the Chromecast device in order to have stable casting.

5. Reset Chromecast: If nothing helps with your Chromecast, finally press and hold the button at the back of the streaming device until it turns red. Only then, the device will reset to its factory default settings.

Fix with Devices from which you are casting

1. Restart Smartphone/Computer: Restarting your smartphone or computer will automatically resolve issues regarding the black screen, hang, freeze, or any other simple issues.

2. Check WiFi Connection: Also, the laptop and your smartphone must be connected to the same WiFi network as that of your Chromecast streaming device.

3. Update Firmware: Also, you can try updating the firmware of your computer, Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, ChromeOS are all coming with frequent updates every now and then.

4. Update Apps and Browser: If any of the app or browsers that are related to casting Disney Plus isn’t updated up to date, you may face some glitches, so make sure to do the necessary updates. When you cast from the web browser, it is also important to keep your browsers up-to-date.

5. Reset Smartphone/Computer: It can be your last resort if none of the above methods works. Reset your smartphone or computer to factory defaults in order to clear everything and start afresh.

Fix with Apps

1. Update App: Disney Plus will come up with frequent updates for you on multiple platforms. So if you want to stream without any issues, you need to make sure that updates all have been addressed.

2. Subscription related: Disney Plus costs $7.99/month or $79.99/year. If you haven’t subscribed, you could not be able to load content. Sometimes you might have accidentally canceled the subscription. In such cases, just reactivate the subscription. You can stream Disney Plus on four devices simultaneously. If it exceeds, make sure to log out from all other devices.

check the app

3. App Server Down: The Disney server may be shut or under maintenance. In such cases, the app wouldn’t work. So you should wait until the server is back as usual.

4. Geo-Restrictions: Most of the countries have got Disney plus, and some other countries will not have the service. Use a VPN to unblock the content.

Disney Plus Not Working on Chromecast

5. Anti Virus or VPN: Turn off the over-protective anti-virus or VPN so that it wouldn’t block any content or the app in your region. Only a few VPN could break the firewall of Disney Plus, and many others don’t. So make sure to use a reliable VPN service.

Disney Plus Not Working on Chromecast

Fix with TV

Disney Plus Not Working on Chromecast - Fix you TV

In order to fix the Disney Plus not working on Chromecast issues, you should also make sure that the connected TV is working fine without any error or repair. If so, get it fixed as soon as possible.

While screen mirroring iOS devices, you will definitely need the third-party app to cast. So use some reliable apps that have got higher ratings and function well. If not, the casting wouldn’t go as expected. Other than that, simples fix for Chromecast not working will also fix the Disney Plus not working on Chromecast issues too. Also, contact customer support for some technical assistance if you get stuck or none of the above methods worked.