How to Restart / Reboot Chromecast Device

How to Restart Reboot Google Chromecast

Google Chromecast is a device used to cast media files from a device to a TV. By using Chromecast, you can turn your TV into a Smart TV. There are plenty of Chromecast-compatible apps available that let you stream plenty of hours of video and audio content. Google Chromecast allows users to use their smartphone as a remote to control the device. You can use the Google Home app to adjust volume, change screen wallpapers, change the device name and WiFi settings. You can also use the Google Home app to restart/reboot Chromecast easily. Restarting the device is one of the simplest ways to short minor problems on your device.

Reasons to Restart / Reboot Chromecast

  • To ensure proper software update
  • Slowness in the device
  • Chromecast is not connecting to WiFi
  • To check for a Software update
  • If the device gets stuck on a page or gets hung

How to Restart Google Chromecast?

There are two ways to restart Chromecast.

  1. Using the Google Home app
  2. By power offing the device

How to Reboot Chromecast using the Google Home app

One Step Guide: Launch Google Home > Pick your Chromecast > Tap Settings > Click Menu > Select Reboot > Click Ok to confirm.

1: Open the Google Home app on your Android or iOS device.

Restart Chromecast
Restart Chromecast

2: You will find the device name under the “Other Cast Devices” option. Click on the Chromecast device name.

How to Restart/Reboot Chromecast?

3: The device page will open on your Home app. Click on the “Settings” icon at the top of your page.

Settings icon

4: The device settings page will open.

5: Click on the “Three-dotted Menu” icon on the top right corner of your page.

How to Restart/Reboot Chromecast?

6: Now click on the “Reboot” button.

How to Restart/Reboot Chromecast?

7: Click “OK” on the prompt message to reboot your Chromecast.

Click OK

The TV screen will now change to “Restarting your Chromecast.”

How to Restart/Reboot Chromecast?

How to Restart Chromecast Device by Disconnecting the Power Supply

This is the simplest method we usually do if a device is not working properly.

1: Switch off the power supply of your Chromecast device or unplug the adapter from the power supply.

2: Leave it unplugged for around a minute to ensure proper shutdown.

3: Now, switch on the power supply or connect the adapter to the power unit to switch on the Chromecast.

Note: The Chromecast doesn’t turn off if you plug it out from the HDMI port of the TV. You have to cut down the power supply to turn it off.

Other Troubleshoots

Restarting is one of the main troubleshooting tricks to fix not working issues on Chromecast devices. If restarting the device doesn’t help to fix the issue, you can try other fixes like

  • Check the internet connection
  • Restart your router
  • Restart your casting device [Phone or PC]
  • Update Chromecast
  • Update the app or Chrome Browser
  • Check the server status
  • Reset Chromecast


What to do if Chromecast is stuck while connecting?

You can try restarting your Chromrcast by disconnecting the power supply.