How to Turn Off Google TV [All Possible Ways]

How to Turn Off Google TV

Google tops the list as one of the popular organizations in the world. This is because Google not only offers its service in the search engines. But also, there is a variety of products released by Google. One such device is Google TV, a media player device that converts your regular TV to a Smart TV. Also, you can connect your Google TV to an internet connection to install streaming services like Hulu, Sling, Philo, and more to stream your favorite movies or TV shows. But when it comes to turning off your Google TV, you should know the procedure because turning off the device after use will prevent it from malfunctioning. So, this article will discuss all the possible ways to turn off your Google TV.

How to turn off Google TV

Turning off Google TV is pretty easy, But if you don’t know how to turn off the device, this article will be helpful to you. Also, you have three working methods to Turn off your Google TV, they are:

  • Using the Power on/off button
  • Using Google Assistant
  • Unplug Google TV

Let us further discuss using these methods to turn off your Google TV in the below section.

Using the Power On/Off Button

You will find the Power On/Off button on every TV remote. Also, in the Google TV remote, you can find the Power On/Off button. So, Press the Power on/off button once on your remote to turn off your Google TV. Now, you know that turning off your Google TV is effortless. Also, there is another easy method to turn off your Google TV using the Google Voice Assistant. You can find it below.

turn off your Google TV

Using Google Assistant

Do you know that with only your voice, you can turn off your Google TV? Yes, with Google Assistant, it is possible. Also, you can find the Google Assistant button on your remote. So, press the Google Assistant button once on your remote and say turn off. Now, the Google Assistant will respond to you by displaying turning Off on the upper side of your TV interface. Finally, your Google TV will be turned off.

Google Assistant

Unplug your Google TV device

Do not worry if your Google TV remote is suddenly not working and can still turn the device off. You must have set up your Google TV on your TV’s USB port so Unplug it. Now, you will be disconnected from the services of Google TV. So technically, you have turned off your Google TV. But it is highly recommended to buy a new remote to make use of the Google TV.

Unplug Google TV

You should have gotten relief by now because you have learned how to turn off your Google TV. Also, turning off a device is a safety tip to protect the device from harm’s way. So, please turn off your Google TV every time you have finished streaming on it.