How to Reset Google TV to Factory Settings

Reset Google TV
Reset Google TV

Chromecast with Google TV is the renovated version of the traditional Chromecast device with an in-built OS. Any device may get messy after some days of usage and there is no exception to Chromecast with Google TV. If you face any issues like lagging, latency, audio/video non-sync, and frozen screen on your Google TV, then you need to reset your device. Before resetting make sure to backup all your data from Google TV.

How to Reset Chromecast with Google TV?

If you are willing to reset your device, there are two ways to do it.

  • Using Settings
  • Using the Device button

Reset Using Settings

[1] Click on the Profile icon on the top right of your Home screen.

Reset Google TV

[2] Choose Settings from the panel.

[3] Inside Settings, scroll down to System.

Reset Google TV

[4] Select About.

Reset Google TV

[5] Choose Factory Reset.

factory reset

[6] Again select Factory reset to confirm it.


[7] Choose Erase everything to reboot/restart automatically.

erase everything

[8] Now you can see black screen with Google logo and Erasing text which means the reset is on process.

Reset Google TV

[9] Once reset is done, you will be directed to initial setup page where you need to start setting up Google TV device from scratch.

Start pairing

Using the Chromecast with Google TV device

[1] Connect and power on the Chromecast with Google TV device.

[2] Press & hold the button at the back of your Chromecast device and wait until the device starts blinking yellow LED light.

Reset Google TV

[3] Release the button once the LED light turn white.

[4] Now your Chromecast with Google TV device starts factory reset process.

These are the possible ways to reset your device. The resetting process is completely safe and sometimes the most suggested way to get back your device to normal and new as before. This will factory reset all the settings/apps to default. Login with the same Google Account as before to get all the backed up data. If the issue still persists, contact Google customer care service and leave a comment below. We are ready to assist you.