Lagging is a common problem faced by many Chromecast users. Due to several factors, you may experience lagging or shuttering issues while casting videos from apps like YouTube, Netflix, and more. It is crucial to solve these issues, or it may cause some severe problems in the future. This article will help you with some tips to avoid that lagging issue and enjoy a seamless casting experience while using the Chromecast device. So let’s jump into the article for the solution.

Different Ways to Solve Chromecast Lagging Issue

  • Stream/Play media from your device local files
  • Use Chromecast Supported apps
  • Clear the background apps while streaming
  • Lower the streaming Quality
  • Use High bandwidth WiFi Connection

Stream/Play Local Media Files

Instead of streaming video online, it is better to play the locally stored files for better and shutter free streaming. To play video from your local file, you can use several media players that support Chromecast like VLC Media player, Chrome browser, and many more. While streaming video online, it may cause shuttering due to poor network connection or other network issues. But streaming the downloaded or local files from your device will not create those problems.

Use Chromecast Supported apps

Always, it is better to use apps with built-in Chromecast support. Because they are optimized and made better for casting to the Chromecast.

Clear the Background Apps

While Streaming, it is better to clear all the background apps running on your device. Apart from that, it is better to stop all downloads that are running in the background. Even in PC, stop all the unwanted program that’s running on your PC before casting.

close background apps

Lower the Video streaming Quality

Lowering the video streaming quality will help you solve the issue. While using apps like Netflix, Hulu, Disney +, YouTube, and more, you can reduce the video quality when your Chromecast device is not compatible to receive high-quality videos. When it comes to Chrome browser, you can reduce the video quality by choosing options >> Tab projection quality >> select lower video quality.

Chromecast Lagging - reduce quality

Use High bandwidth Wi-Fi Connection

For better casting or streaming experience, it is better to use a stable and high bandwidth WiFi Connection. Speaking of bandwidth, it should be a minimum of 5GHz to experience seamless streaming.


You can also improve your Chromecast streaming by altering the bitrate.

  • Right-click on the Cast extension and select Inspect elements.
  • Find the code stating style=”display: none;”
  • Remove display:none; and close the inspect element.
Delete - Chromecast Lagging

In the Google cast extension options tab, you can alter the minimum and maximum bitrate of video and audio, buffer, network settings, etc. Alter the bitrate only if you know about exact values.

Google cast extension options - Chromecast Lagging

If the above-mentioned solution does not fix the issue, it is better to reset your Chromecast device to the factory settings. It will clear all the streaming issues on your device. If you have any doubts, make use of the comments section below. For more Chromecast tips, tricks, and articles, explore