VLC is one of the most used media players across the globe. It is available for almost all platforms like Android, Windows, iOS, Linux, and MAC. The VLC Media Player has plenty of features in it which include streaming online videos and playing m3u playlists. With its simple UI, VLC is considered as the best IPTV Player for PC. The VLC Media Player also supports casting the screen to TV using Chromecast. Let us discuss on how to cast VLC to Chromecast in this post.

How to cast VLC to Chromecast?

There are two methods to cast VLC to TV using a Chromecast.

  1. Cast VLC from Desktop to Chromecast
  2. Cast VLC from Android to Chromecast

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How to cast VLC from Desktop to Chromecast?

The VLC app has an option called as rendering which allow you to cast to wireless devices easily. Follow the below steps to Chromecast VLC media player to your TV using Desktop:

1. Connect your desktop and Chromecast to the same WiFi Network.

2. Open VLC Media Player and start playing a video.

3. On the top menu bar, Click on “Tools“.

How to cast VLC to Chromecast?
VLC Media Player

4. Under tools, click on “Renderer“.

How to cast VLC to Chromecast?
Playback – Renderer

5. The VLC will display the available Chromecast device.

Select to cast
Select the available device

6. Click on the device and connect to it.

The selected video will play on your TV with the help of VLC Chromecast. Thus, these are the steps required to cast VLC to the TV using your desktop.

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How to cast VLC from Android to TV?

If you are using VLC on your Android, then you can cast VLC from your Android to TV by following the below steps:

1. Connect your Phone and Chromecast to the same WiFi network.

2. Open VLC media player in your Android.

VLC for Android
VLC for Android

3. You will find the cast icon all the pages of VLC.

Click Cast icon
Click Cast icon

4. Click on the cast icon and connect to the available Chromecast device.

How to cast VLC to Chromecast?
Select device to cast

5. The video will play on TV using Chromecast.

How to cast VLC to Chromecast?
Video getting cast

Thus, by following the above method, you can cast VLC to Chromecast using an Android phone.

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Thus, the above are the two methods to stream VLC to Chromecast. You can either use a desktop or an Android mobile to cast VLC Media Player. If you are not able to cast using the above methods, then you can try using a Chrome browser to cast your entire desktop and start playing a video on VLC Player.

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