How to cast Poweramp on Chromecast TV

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What You Can Play on PowerampPlay all formats songs like MP3, Mp4, OGG, etc
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Poweramp is a popular music streaming service specially designed for Android devices. The best part of Poweramp is that you can customize your way of hearing to get the best ever music experience. If you are an Android user, you can get the app directly from the Play Store and cast it to your Chromecast device since the app supports the built-in cast feature. By going through the full article, you will come to learn the possible and easy ways to listen to your favorite music track on your TV via the Poweramp app

Note – The following guide also applies to Smart TVs with built-in Chromecast support.


How to Chromecast Poweramp Using Android

If Poweramp is not yet installed on your smartphone, you can get the app from the Google Play Store for Android. Since it is a paid streaming service, you need its Premium subscription, which costs $8.99 with a one-time purchase.

1. Launch the Poweramp app, tap the profile icon, and log in to your existing Poweramp account.

2. Once signed in, tap the Cast icon at the top right corner of the app’s interface.

Select the Cast icon to Chromecast Poweramp

3. Select your Chromecast device from the list of devices connected to the same network.

4. Then, select and play your desired music from the Poweramp app.

5. Once done, the selected music will play on your TV.

How to Chromecast Poweramp Using a PC

Unfortunately, Poweramp is not available for desktops. So, you need to install the Bluestacks app onto your PC and Chromecast Poweramp on your TV. To do so,

1. Visit the Bluestacks website  and download the app on your desktop.

2. After installation, open the app and log in with your Google account credentials.

3. Open Play Store and download the Poweramp app.

4. Now, navigate to your Google Chrome browser and right-click on the screen.

5. Select the Cast option and click on Cast desktop.

Select Cast

6. Choose your Chromecast device from the list of available devices.

7. Finally, start streaming Poweramp’s app interface on your TV screen.


1. Does Poweramp offer a free trial?

Yes. The Poweramp app offers a free trial of 15 days for its new users.

2. Can I get Poweramp on iOS devices?

No. The Poweramp app is unavailable on the App Store, so it cannot be downloaded on iOS devices.

3. How to fix Chromecast not working on the Poweramp app?

Firstly, check the internet connection and restart your Chromecast device to fix the temporary bugs and internal glitches. If the problem is not solved yet, then factory reset your Chromecast device to its factory settings.