If you love watching movies, TV shows, and series, then IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) is the term you should know. It is the perfect technology to stream all the entertainment VOD content and Live TV channels at one spot. By purchasing a subscription plan from the right provider, you will have access to all media content on almost all commonly used devices. If you thought the IPTV provider supports only smartphones, you could cast the contents from your smartphone/PC to the TV via Chromecast.


Before casting any kind of IPTV service,

  • Connect the Google Chromecast device to the HDMI port of the TV or monitor screen.
  • If your device has in-built Chromecast support, make sure to turn it on.
  • Make sure the Chromecast device and the casting device are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Chromecast IPTV from Smartphone

With a Smartphone, you can cast the contents directly if the IPTV app is Chromecast compatible, or you need to mirror your smartphone screen to the Chromecast device.

Using Chromecast Compatible App

[1] Download and install an IPTV app that supports Chromecast.

[2] Launch the app and login with your IPTV credentials or M3U playlist URL.

[3] Click on the Cast icon in the app (top right corner of the app or in the media player).

IPTV on Chromecast

[4] Select your Chromecast device from the list of available devices.

IPTV on Chromecast

[5] That’s it. Now you can watch IPTV on your Chromecast connected TV.

With this method, you can cast apps like BubbleUPnP UPnP/DLNA License, IPTV Smarters Pro, GSE Smart IPTV, Lenox player, VLC Media Player, etc.

Via Screen Mirroring

[1] Download and install an IPTV app on your smartphone.

[2] Launch the app and login with your IPTV credentials or M3U URL.


[3] Swipe down the screen to view the Control center.

[4] Choose the casting option.


[5] Select your Chromecast device from the list of available devices.

cast screen

[6] Your Android device will mirror on the TV screen. Now, launch the IPTV app and cast your content.


[3] Download and Install Chromecast Streamer from the App Store.

Chromecast streamer

[4] Open the app and select your Chromecast device to connect.


[5] Choose Screen Mirror and click on Screen Mirroring.

IPTV on Chromecast

[6] Finally, click on Start Broadcast to start mirroring.

IPTV on Chromecast

[7] Launch your IPTV app and play any video.

[8] The content will mirror on the TV where your Chromecast is connected.

Chromecast IPTV on PC

If your IPTV provider offers web player support, you can use Chrome browser on Windows and Mac to directly cast your IPTV.

[1] Open Chrome browser on your PC.

[2] Click on the menu icon on the top right corner.

[3] Choose the Cast… option from the menu.


[4] Select your Chromecast device from the cast tab.

IPTV on Chromecast

[5] After mirroring your browser screen, visit the web version of the IPTV provider and sign-in to your account.

[6] Play a title and watch it on the bigger screen (TV).

Watch IPTV on Chromecast via VLC

There are several windows apps available to play IPTV contents. VLC is one of the most popularly used streaming players to access several IPTV providers.

[1] Download and install VLC Media Player on PC.

[2] Click on Media from the menu bar.

[3] Choose Open Network Stream from the menu.

IPTV on Chromecast

[4] Under the Network tab, enter or paste the M3U URL to stream.

IPTV on Chromecast

[5] Click on Play to start streaming and watch it on your Chromecast connected TV by setting the source to Cast Desktop (Step 4 on the above method).

Some of the best and free IPTV for Chromecast are Underground IPTV, Relax IPTV, Obey IPTV, Flex IPTV, Fluxus IPTV, and more. You can access these services to watch IPTV for free and cast to Chromecast with any one of the above-mentioned methods.

These methods are also applicable to Chromecast with Google TV device. If you have any doubts about casting IPTV to a Chromecast device, make use of the comments section below.