How to Cast Safari Browser on Chromecast-connected TV

How to Chromecast Safari Browser
How to Chromecast Safari Browser

Safari is a popular web browser designed for iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices. It is a powerful browser with military-grade security features. This browser is the biggest competitor to Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome. It lets you browse the web, play music/video, view documents, download files, etc. Safari is not a Chromecast-compatible app. But you can cast the Safari browser on your Chromecast-connected TV or Chromecast built-in TV using a third-party mirroring app on your iPhone or by using Google Chrome on your Mac.


  • Connect and set up a Chromecast device with your TV.
  • If your TV has in-built Chromecast support, make sure to enable it.
  • Make sure both the Chromecast device and the casting device (iOS and Mac) are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

How to Chromecast Safari from an iPhone or iPad

You cannot directly cast Safari to Chromecast-connected TV. So, you have to install a third-party app on your iPhone or iPad to make casting possible. Follow the below instructions to do so.

[1] Install the Replica app from the App Store on your iPhone or iPad.

[2] Open the Replica and provide access to the required permissions.

Install Replica

[3] Select your Chromecast device on the app interface.

[4] Click the Start button displayed at the center.

Tap Start to Chromecast Safari

[5] Hit the option Start Broadcast to mirror your iPhone or iPad screen.

Click Start Broadcast

[6] Now, launch the Safari browser on your iPhone/iPad and surf anything.

[7] As the iOS screen is mirrored, you can view the Safari browser on Chromecast-connected TV.

Alternate Way to Cast Safari Browser on TV from iPhone / iPad

If you don’t have a Chromecast device, you can buy a Lightning to Digital AV Adapter to cast Safari on your TV from your iPhone or iPad.

1. Turn On your TV and press the Input/Source button on your TV remote. Next, select HDMI.

2. Connect the Apple Digital AV Adapter and your TV with an HDMI cable in the corresponding HDMI Port.

Use Apple Digital AV Adapter to Chromecast Safari

3. Now, connect the other end of the USB cable to your iPhone or iPad.

4. Your iPhone or iPad’s screen is now visible on the TV screen.

5. If you stream videos on Safari, you can simultaneously watch them on your Smart TV.

How to Chromecast Safari Browser from Mac

[1] Download Google Chrome on your Mac.

[2] Launch Google Chrome and hit the three-dotted icon from the top right corner.

[3] Choose the Cast option from the drop-down menu.

Tap Cast

[4] Select your Chromecast device from the list.

Select your Chromecast device

[5] From the Source option, click Cast desktop.

Click Cast tab

[6] Select your Mac screen and hit the Share button.

[7] Now, your Mac screen will be mirrored on the Chromecast-connected TV.

[8] Minimize Google Chrome and launch the Safari browser on Mac.

[9] Play or surf anything on the Safari browser and watch it on your TV.

Note: Similarly, you can Chromecast Brave Browser on your TV using your iOS or Mac device.

Features of Safari Browser

  • This browser lets you sync passwords, browsing history, bookmarks, and tabs across all Apple devices.
  • It provides protection against trackers with Intelligent Tracking Prevention protocol.
  • The Reader feature on Safari helps to read articles without commercials.
  • It supports voice search for surfing the web.
  • You can customize the Safari browser by adding a background.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I Chromecast Safari from my iPhone?

Yes. You can Chromecast Safari from your iPhone with the help of the Replica app.

2. Why can’t I cast Safari on my Chromecast?

If the Chromecast device and casting device (iPhone or Mac) are not connected to the same WiFi, you will face this issue. To fix it, connect both devices to the same WiFi. If the problem persists, restart your Chromecast and try casting again.

3. How do I cast my iPhone screen on my TV without a Chromecast device?

By using the Apple Digital AV Adapter, you can cast the iPhone screen on your TV without a Chromecast.