Safari is an exclusive browser designed for iOS and Mac devices. It is a powerful and most secure browser in the market with many exciting features. You can browse, play music & video, read, download, etc. Have you ever think of casting the content from the Safari browser to your TV or any other big screen. It is possible with Chromecast to cast the Safari browser from your iOS and Mac. Wondering how? Continue reading the article to know more.


Chromecast Safari Browser from iPhone

[1] Install Chromecast Streamer from the App store.

Chromecast streamer

[2] Open Chromecast streamer and select your Chromecast device from the list.

[3] Click on Connect to establish connection.


[4] Choose Screen Mirror tab from the casting section.

Chromecast Safari Browser

[5] Set the mode, resolution, bitrate, and click on Start Mirroring icon.

Chromecast Safari Browser

[6] Again, click on Start Broadcast to start mirroring your iOS screen.

Chromecast Safari Browser

[7] Launch Safari browser and surf anything.

[8] The browser will mirror on the bigger screens.

Chromecast Safari Browser on Mac

[1] Download and install Chrome browser from the official site.

[2] Launch Chrome browser and click on the menu icon from top right corner.

[3] Choose Cast… option from the menu.


[4] From the Cast tab, change the Source to Cast desktop.

Chromecast Safari Browser

[5] Select your Chromecast device from the list.

Chromecast Safari Browser

[6] Now, your device will mirror on the Chromecast connected device.

[7] Minimize the Chrome browser and launch the Safari browser.

[8] Play or surf anything on the Safari browser.

[9] It will mirror on the TV screen.

Apart from casting Safari on Mac book, it allows you to cast anything from your Mac screen to Chromecast connected device, once the source is set to desktop mode on Chrome. These are some of the ways to cast the Safari browser from Mac and iOS devices. If you have any doubts make on casting Safari browser, mention them on the comments section.