How to Install and Play Games using GeForce Now on Google TV

GeForce Now on Google TV

You guys know that Stadia is the official cloud gaming platform for Google TV. But you guys might have been fed up with the limited gaming collections on the Stadia platform. So, If I am correct, choose the Nvidia GeForce Now platform. Nvidia GeForce Now is the best alternative platform for Stadia because it contains many gaming collections better than Stadia. In addition GeForce, Now is available for your Google TV. So, you can install GeForce Now from the Play Store. Also, you can access the cloud gaming services of GeForce Now for free. But the free version is limited to only specific functions. So, you can subscribe to any premium plans to get additional benefits such as high gaming resolution and access the gaming servers long in terms of time. Also, you can get into the below section to install GeForce Now on your Google TV.

Subscription Plans for GeForce Now

1. Free – You can access the GeForce Now platform for only one hour per day with this free plan.

2. Priority – $49.99 for 6 months.

3. RTX 3080 – $99.99 for 6 months.

GeForce Now subscription plans.

You need to visit the official website of Nvidia to subscribe to the Premium Plan. Also, you need to create an account on the GeForce Now platform to subscribe to it.

How to Install GeForce Now on Google TV

First, update your Google TV and proceed to the following steps.

1. Turn on your Google TV.

2. Then, connect to an internet connection.

3. On the home screen on your Google TV, select the Apps tab.

Select Apps.

4. Next select Search for apps in the App Categories.

Select Search for apps.

5. Use the on-screen keyboard to type GeForce Now and search for it.

Search for GeForce Now.

6. Choose the GeForce Now app from the search result.

7. Now, select the Install button.

Select Install to get GeForce Now on Google TV.

8. Now, the GeForce app will start to download.

9. After the download is complete, the GeForce Now will be successfully installed on your Google TV.

10. After installation, launch the GeForce Now app.

11. Login with your account.

12. Then, you can choose any game to play on your Google TV.

Play games using GeForce Now on Google TV.

NOTE: You must connect a gaming controller to your Google TV, preferably an Xbox controller, to play games using Nvidia GeForce Now.

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Alternative Method – Sideload Nvidia GeForce Now to Google TV

If the GeForce Now app is unavailable for your Google TV, you can use the sideloading method. You can also follow the steps below to do the same.

1. Install the Downloader on Google TV.

2. Don’t forget to turn on the Downloader from the Install Unknown apps section.

3. Then, launch the Downloader after installation.

4. Select the URL box and enter the URL of the GeForce Now app.

5. Select the Go button to download the GeForce Now app.

Select Go to download GeForce Now on Google TV.

6. On the next popup window, select the Install button.

7. It will take some time to install the GeForce Now app.

8. After installation, open the GeForce Now app.

9. Login to your GeForce Now account.

10. Choose any game to play on your Google TV with a vast number of collections.

Now, you have an alternative method to play games on your Google TV other than the Stadia platform. Also, don’t forget that you can access the GeForce Now platform for free. But you only can access the GeForce Now platform for a limited time. So, subscribe to the premium plan to extend your gaming in terms of time.