How to Update Google TV Firmware to Latest Version

How to Update Google TV

Why is it necessary to update your Google TV? Because of ever-changing technology, users need to update their Google TV and other electronic gadgets regularly. Besides bringing in the new features, it also lets you fix the bugs and improve your device’s security. It also applies to the apps that you installed on the device. Updating the firmware may also bring new apps to your device. This article will explain the procedure to update the firmware of Google TV and the apps installed in it.

How to Update Chromecast with Google TV Firmware

Step1: Click the Profile icon on the top right corner of Google TV home screen.

Step2: Select the Settings icon.

select settings

Step3: Navigate to the System option on the settings menu.

select system option

Step4: Select the About option on system menu.

about option

Step5: On the next screen, select the System update option.

select system update to update Google TV

Step6: Now, the device will check for new update. If there is an new update, it will be downloaded automatically.

Update Google TV

Step7: Once downloaded, click the Restart now button. If you skip it, the new update will be installed at the scheduled time.

Update Google TV

Step8: The downloaded update will begin to install upon resetting.

Update Google TV

Step9: After restart, your Google TV will update to the latest version. To verify it, go to the System Update section again and it will show you a message stating ‘ Your system is up to date‘.

Update Google TV

How to Update Apps on Google TV

Like the firmware, it is necessary to updated the installed apps regularly. It will bring you the new media content and also helps you to remove the glitch with-in the app.

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Step1: Turn on Google TV and click the Apps menu on the home screen.

Step2: List of installed apps will be shown. Navigate to the app tile that you want to update.

Step3: Press and hold the Select button on your remote untill you saw a menu. Select View details.

Step4: The application information screen will open on the screen. Click Update and wait for few minutes.

Step5: After the update, launch the app immediately by clicking on the Open menu.

Hope the information provided in this section has shown the right direction to update your streaming device effortlessly. Visit for more Google TV tutorials and updates.