How To Chromecast PureFlix On TV

Chromecast Pureflix

PureFlix is an Online streaming platform like Netflix, Hulu, etc. They have content related to Christian movies, TV shows, and Documentaries in it. The main aim of PureFlix is to create an impact on the culture of Christianity through the entertainment medium. All their content is family-friendly and can be viewed with all your family members. It does not have any strong language or sexual violence in it. They are available to stream with a subscription of $12.99 monthly or you can subscribe to the annual subscription plan costs $99.99. Here the ways to chromecast PureFlix on TV.

Preparing to Cast PureFlix

The below are the things required and to do list before casting the Pureflix contents:

Things required

  • Google Chromecast
  • TV with HDMI support
  • Stable Wifi connection
  • Smartphone or Desktop PC

To-do List

  • Turn on your Chromecast device and connect it to the TV HDMI port.
  • Make sure that your Chromecast and casting device are connected to the same WiFi network.

How to Chromecast PureFlix to TV?

You can Chromecast PureFlix using the below devices:

  • Using Smartphone
  • Using Web browser

How to Chromecast PureFlix using Smartphone?

1: Go to App store or play store and install PureFlix on your Smartphone.

Puerflix - How To Chromecast PureFlix On TV

2: Open PureFlix app.

pureflix homepage - How To Chromecast PureFlix On TV

3: Play any video on your device by clicking on the watch now button on the application.

4: Tap on the Cast Icon on the right top corner of the application.

Cast - How To Chromecast PureFlix On TV

5: It shows all the available casting device.

Cast screen - How To Chromecast Pureflix On TV

6: Choose the Chromecast connected TV and tap on it.

7: Now the video will start to play on your TV.

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How to Chromecast PureFlix using Web Browser?

1: Open the Chrome browser in your Desktop.

2: Search for in your browser

3: Click Chrome menu icon on the top right of the browser.

4: Select Cast option from the menu .

cast - How To Chromecast Pureflixl On TV

5: A pop up will display all the available casting device.

6: Click on your Chromecast device from the list to start casting and in source click on cast tab to share the current tab or cast desktop to cast the entire screen.

select device  - How To Chromecast Pureflix On TV

7: Now you can view PureFlix from your desktop on your TV screen.

Start watching your favorite movies and TV shows on PureFlix on your Big screen. Lets know how you enjoyed watching PureFlix with your family on your TV in the comment section below.