Airtel TV (Airtel Xstream) is one of the best online streaming apps which can be used to stream live videos and movies. Airtel TV is available in 14 languages. With Airtel TV, you can stream any category of content like Movies, TV Shows, News and so on. With Airtel TV updating its video library very frequently, always you have contents to watch. Airtel TV has 350+ live channels, 10000+ movies, TV shows, and originals. You can access up to 5 devices using a single account. With all features, you can cast Airtel TV on Chromecast.

Pre Requisite

  • Connect your Google Chromecast to your TV.
  • Make sure that your smartphone and Google Chromecast are connected to the same WiFi network.

Requirements to cast Airtel TV (Airtel Xstream) on Chromecast

  • Google Chromecast.
  • Smart TV.
  • Smartphone.
  • Strong and stable WiFi connection.

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How to Chromecast Airtel TV?

Airtel TV doesn’t have an in-built cast icon. You need to use Screen Mirroring. Follow the below steps to Screen Mirror the app.

Step 1: Open Settings on your smartphone.

Step 2: Choose Connected devices in the Settings list.

Airtel TV on Chromecast
Connected devices

Step 3: Click Connected Preferences in the Connected devices list.

Airtel TV on Chromecast
Connected Preferences

Step 4: Tap Cast option in the Connected Preferences list

Airtel TV on Chromecast

Step 5: Choose your Chromecast smart TV in the devices list.

Airtel TV on Chromecast
Chromecast smart TV

Step 6: Choose Start Now to confirm your selection

Start Now

After doing this your entire smartphone screen is cast to your Google Chromecast. All the notifications and calls will also be cast to your TV.

Note: We are not able to mirror Live streaming and premium contents on Chromecast. You will see a blank screen on the TV while casting for these contents.

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Q1: How do I watch Airtel TV on Chromecast?

A1: Follow the above steps to cast Airtel TV on Chromecast.

Q2: Does Airtel TV has an in-built Cast icon?

A2: No, Airtel TV doesn’t have an in-built Cast icon. You need to use Screen Mirroring as we mentioned above.


Airtel TV is one of the best streaming apps available on the internet. Airtel is giving free streaming options to Airtel SIM card users. In this way, users get more benefit. Google Chromecast Airtel TV and get to watch all the video content on your TV.

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