iOS 13 Chromecast Compatibility issues [2020]

Apple earlier launched a beta version of iOS 13 and people started installing the beta version to check the new features. There are many features added with few bugs as well. They have made improvements in the dark mode, camera & Photos, privacy & settings, Maps, Siri, Memoji & Messages, Reminders, CarPlay, Augmented reality, Performance and much more. With these improvements, iOS 13 will be the best update provided by Apple in recent years. But still, there are few features missing on the beta version. One such issue is iOS 13 Chromecast compatibility.

iOS 13 Chromecast Compatibility issues
iOS 13

Update: The issue is resolved in the real update and Users are using it fine. If you are still facing the issue, check your WiFi connectivity or try using with any other iOS 13 devices.

iOS Beta Update

After updating your iPhone to the latest beta version, you might find issues in casting videos to Chromecast. People have reported that Netflix & Spotify doesn’t contain the cast icon after updating. There are a few other compatible Chromecast apps that are not working after updating to iOS 13.

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Reason for iOS 13 & Chromecast issues

As this is a beta update, you might find compatible issues for the apps you are using. For example, The banking application might not log in as it is not designed for iOS 13. Hence, every application should be made specific changes to make it compatible with the latest version.

Similarly, you are finding bugs on your applications which supports Chromecast. Apple will surely consider this issue and make the changes in the new update.

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iOS 13 Chromecast Compatibility issues
Chromecast Compatible issues

Other iOS 13 issues

There are few bugs spotted in the beta version.

  1. iCloud issues
  2. Issues in using Gmail
  3. Instagram sound issue
  4. Battery drains quickly

Note: After updating your OS to the latest version, it is really hard to go back to your current OS. If you are not using any of the above features, then you can go ahead updating to iOS 13.

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How to fix iOS 13 Chromecast issues?

There are two solutions to solve this issue.

  1. Apple should roll out an updated version of the beta to fix the issue
  2. Reverting back to iOS 12


The above are the two solutions that can fix the issue. If you are reverting back to iOS 12, then there is a high chance of data getting deleted as your phone will get completely formatted and the version will get installed. If you don’t want to lose your data, you have to wait for Apple to release the updated version.

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