How to Turn on Chromecast | Fix Chromecast Not Turning Issues

Google Chromecast is the best casting device for any TV. You can cast any media file from your smartphone or PC to your TV. It is a simple device that won’t have any mechanical buttons on it other than the reset button. If you don’t have buttons, how can you turn on the Google Chromecast? Practically, you don’t need to turn on Chromecast. Even for the Setup process, you just need to do all the external wire connections and connect it to the HDMI port. The casting device will automatically turn on when you connect it to the power source and the HDMI port of the TV.

turn on chromecast

But what if you unplug the Chromecast from the TV? The device will go to Standby mode if the TV is turned off. If you unplug it from the TV, it will turn off. So, when the next time you need to turn on Chromecast, just plug it back into the TV.

Chromecast Turn On issues

If your Chromecast doesn’t turn on, make sure you use the external cables with the device. If it doesn’t work, try restarting the Chromecast or resetting the Chromecast. The casting device is meant to be working for the long term. If you face any issues, get your Google Cast device to the Google Service Center.

Things to Check if your Chromecast doesn’t Turn On

This is a rare case. The Chrome cast switches on whenever the TV is on, and your device is connected to the power supply. Here are common mistakes we make,

  1. Connect the Device to the power supply and ensure the device light blinks. If the power supply is proper, you will find a white light on your device. If the light doesn’t turn on, then check the power supply.
  2. If the light is on, ensure to plug the device properly into your HDMI port of the TV. Also, ensure to select the power source properly on your TV. There might be multiple HDMI ports on your TV. Check whether you have selected the proper HDMI port as your source on your TV.
  3. If the HDMI source is not working, try plugging your device into the other HDMI port and check.
Properly Connected Chromecast

The above is the manual checks which you can perform on your device. If nothing works, then visit the service center and state your query.

If Chromecast keeps disconnecting after turning on, ensure that your TV gets a better power supply.

By constructing the Chromecast, you don’t need to turn it on manually. It will automatically turn on when all the external connections are made. So, when the next time you need to turn on the device, don’t search for any button and just head to the external connection.

How to Disable Chromecast

Chromecast is an always-on device, and it has no turn-on and turn-off switch, so while not using it, you can simply unplug the device to turn off your Chromecast, or you can stop casting to end casting to disable Chromecast.


How to set up Chromecast?

Plugin your Chromecast and turn it on > launch the Google Home app on your phone > Follow the steps to set up.

Do I need to connect with a WiFi to Chromecast?

Yes, you can connect your Chromecast with a WiFi