This is really a tricky one! Does a Chromecast allow casting Amazon Prime? Yes! you can cast Prime through Chromecast but with few limitations. Amazon Prime app is not designed to support Chromecast but still, you can cast Amazon Prime using Chromecast either by screening your mobile or using your Chrome browser. Let us discuss more on how to Chromecast Amazon Prime Video in this post.

Update: Amazon Prime app is now compatible with Chromecast and you can easily cast prime videos using Google Chromecast.

How to Chromecast Amazon Prime Video?

There are two ways of casting Amazon Prime Video to your TV using Chromecast. Here are the two methods:

  1. Chromecast Prime Video using Android/iPhone
  2. Using the Chrome Browser in your computer

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Chromecast Amazon Prime Video app using Android/iPhone

Follow the steps below to cast Amazon Prime video to your TV:

Step 1: Plug-in Chromecast to the HDMI port of your TV.

Step 2: Connect Chromecast and your phone to the same WiFi network.

Step 3: Open Amazon Prime Videos app on your phone.

Step 4: Choose a video and start playing it.

Step 5: Click on the three-dotted menu icon.

How to Chromecast Amazon Prime Video?

Step 6: Now tap on “Watch On”.

How to Chromecast Amazon Prime Video?

Step 7: You will find a list of devices which is available to cast. Click on the Chromecast app to which you want to cast.

Video getting cast

The video will now play on your TV using Google Chromecast.

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Using the Chrome Browser in your computer

This is another method to cast Prime Video through Google Chromecast.

Step 1: Connect your computer and Chromecast to the same WiFi Network.

Step 2: Open ” ” in your Chrome Browser.

How to Chromecast Amazon Prime Video?
Prime Video on Browser

Step 3: Now click on the three-dotted menu icon in your Chrome browser.

Three dotted menu
Click on the three-dotted menu

Step 4: Click “Cast“.

Click Cast
Click Cast

Step 5: The browser will search for the available Chromecast device.

Step 6: Once the device appears, click on the “Sources” and choose the “Cast tab” option.

CAst Tab
Cast tab

Step 7: Click on the “Chromecast device” available and the Prime video will get casted on your TV.

How to Chromecast Amazon Prime Video?
Click on the device

Now you can leave the tab as it is and start working on your computer. The video or movie will play on your TV without any issue.

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Thus, by using any of the above two methods, you can process Amazon Prime Video Chromecast on your TV. If you still find trouble using these methods, then you have to go ahead in buying Amazon Fire TV Stick for better usage of the Amazon Prime app on your TV.

Thank you for reading this post.