The cache is a collection of temporary data that will let you load media faster. These files will be stored on your device while using the respective app. Even though it is a good thing, it may cause some problems to your device’s performance. Hence, it is clear to clear them frequently to improve the performance of the device. It applies to all devices, including smartphones, tablets, computers, and streaming devices. The following section will help you to clear the cache on Chromecast with Google TV. Here are the few criteria that will let you clear cache on Google TV:

  • They can occupy a lot of storage space.
  • The app may behave badly due to a corrupted cache.
  • It prevents apps from loading the latest version of data.

How to Clear Cache on Chromecast with Google TV

{1} Turn on your Google TV and ensure to select proper input source on your TV.

{2} Click the User profile icon located on the top right corner of the main screen.

{3} Select the Settings menu.

How to Clear Cache on Google TV

{4} Scroll down to choose Apps settings.

How to Clear Cache on Google TV

{5} Now, select the app where you find a streaming error.

Note – If you don’t find your app, click See all apps and select the respective app.

{6} Click Clear Cache.

{7} Click OK to remove the cache files from your Google TV.

After clearing the cache files, close the tab and launch the respective app to stream the contents without any error. If the issue persists, reset your Google TV and then use the device from the scratch.

How to Clear Cache on Google TV App

Google TV app (previously known as Google Play Movies & TV) is an entertainment hub available on Android devices for people residing in the US. The Google TV device developers are planning to introduce the remote control features on the Google TV app to control the streaming device from the mobile.

{1} Open Settings on your Android device.

{2} Scroll down the page and then select Apps & notifications.

{3} Select the See all apps option to view all the installed applications.

{4} Choose the Google TV app.

{5} Select Storage & Cache and then tap the Clear cache to delete the temporary files.

Clearing the cache will remove only the temporary files. It won’t delete the login credentials, downloaded files, or custom settings. So you can clear it whenever your device runs out of storage or when you had a streaming error with an app. Hope our article will let you clear the cache files on Google TV with ease.