How to Chromecast Bandcamp and Watch it on TV

Chromecast Bandcamp
Chromecast Bandcamp

Bandcamp is a platform for Independent artists for promoting their album on the platform. Also, you get paid according to the views and purchase of the song with 10-15% of the profit of digital sales will be collected by Bandcamp. It has an interface just like any other social media platform where the music you upload will be shared on the feed and users can listen, like, share and purchase the music. It was available as a standalone app for Android and iOS devices, a Website for PCs. Also recently it has been Chromecast enabled so that you can cast the app on your TV and speaker devices. So let’s see how to Chromecast Bandcamp to your TV screen.

How to Chromecast Bandcamp to Your TV?

You can easily cast BandCamp to your TV as it is one of the compatible Chromecast apps. You can either use your smartphone or PC to cast your device.


Before Chromecasting Bandcamp on Smartphone make sure of the following mentioned below.

  • Connect the Chromecast device to the HDMI port of your TV or monitor screen.
  • Make sure both the Chromecast device and the casting device are connected to the same WiFi network.

Chromecast Bandcamp on Smartphones

[1] Open Playstore/Appstore in your device.

[2] Type Bandcamp in the search bar.

Chromecast Bandcamp

[3] Click on Install/Get to download and install in your device.

[4] Once installed, open Bandcamp in your device.

[5] Click on the cast icon from the top right corner.

cast - Chromecast Bandcamp

[6] Select your Chromecast device from the list of available devices.

Chromecast Bandcamp

[7] Now you can watch Bandcamp from your smartphone on your Chromecast connected device.

Chromecast Bandcamp on PC

[1] Open Chrome browser in your PC.

[2] Visit Bandcamp official site (URL:

Chromecast Bandcamp

[3] Now click on the Kebab menu (Three dot) icon from the top right corner.

[4] Select Cast… icon from the menu.


[5] In Cast Tab, select your Chromecast device.

Cast tab

[6] Also, select cast source (tab/desktop/file) from drop down menu.

[7] Now you can listen to the music on Bandcamp on your TV or monitor.

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How to Download a song in Bandcamp?

You can download free song buy click on the download directly, or you need to buy the song online to download.

Purchase song on Bandcamp

[1] Open browser in your device and visit

[2] Select any song you need to purchase and click on buy.

Chromecast Bandcamp

[3] In the cart quote your price for the album and click on Check out now.

Check out now

[4] Complete your payment via PayPal and finish your purchase.


Download the purchased song

Once the song is download you can download it in many ways

#1: Below the successfully purchased message you can see download your music, click on it to start download.


#2: Click on the mail received after purchasing and click on Download below your music album.


#3: Open your collection page of your account and click on download found below the song tile.


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If your are Independent artist and looking for platform then Bandcamp is your best choice. So artist start uploading and listener start listening and purchase your favorite albums. If you have any doubt from the article make use of the comment section below. For more Chromecast tips and tricks, explore the site.