Chromecast vs Apple TV | Specs & Performance

Chromecast VS Apple TV

While there are loads of cable TV replacements available, the article specifically deals with Google Chromecast and Apple TV. Apple and Google are two tech giants and they have contributed a lot towards revolutionizing the home entertainment means. Whether it is an Apple TV or Chromecast, they help you stay tuned with your favourite movies, shows, and whatnot. While both of them works differently, you will still get access to your favourite contents a way better than traditional TV watching. If you are about to ditch your cable connection, you may choose between Chromecast and Apple TV. However, if you don’t know which one to pick, then know the difference between both of them from this article and then buy between Chromecast vs Apple TV.

What is Chromecast and Apple TV – At a Glance

Chromecast by Google is a portable media player that looks like a dongle. It needs to be plugged on to the HDMI port of your smart TV. Chromecast needs the support of your Android/iOS phone or PC with the latest Chrome browser to screen mirror the contents to the smart TV. Your smartphone or PC will entirely control the Chromecast playback.

Apple TV is a standalone digital media player and can be used on the TV directly. It is an entertainment device that can further integrate with iPhone, iPad or Mac. In other words, it is an HDMI compliant source device that can be controlled using the Apple remote.

Chromecast vs Apple TV
Chromecast vs Apple TV

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Chromecast vs Apple TV

1. Specification

Apple TV is a compact player and weighs around 270g. Further, it has flash storage of 8 GB, 512 MB RAM and video output resolution of 1080p. With Apple TV, you will get a better user-interface. It is compatible with Apple phone with iOS 6 and above, Windows XP and above, Mac OS 10.3.9 and above.

Chromecast weighs about 34g and has 512 MB of RAM with 2GB flash storage. You will be able to get the video output resolution of 1080p. Unlike Apple TV, Chromecast has no interface at all. So, you need to rely on external sources to control and manage the service.

2. Apps & Contents

Apple TV comes pre-installed with lots of apps like Hulu, YouTube, Netflix, and more. You can even visit the Apple Store to download apps for your Apple TV.

Chromecast vs Apple TV
Chromecast vs Apple TV

However, Chromecast has so much support and you need to rely on Android or iOS phone or PC with Chrome to stream videos. Further, not all of the apps supports casting feature.

3. Casting and AirPlay

Apple supports AirPlay while the Chromecast supports casting. The difference between AirPlay and Chromecast is minimal. To screen mirror contents from iPhone or iPad, you can just swipe up to press AirPlay button. You can even mirror the Mac screen to Apple TV.

Cast icon
Cast icon

For Chromecast, you have to open Chromecast supported app at first and then click on cast icon to transfer Android screen to the smart TV. Right-click on Chrome browser to choose the cast option and mirror your PC screen on Chromecast TV.

Airplay icon

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4. Performance & Speed

Apple TV gives better performance as it works at a faster rate. It is because of the A10 Fusion Chip. Further, accessing Apple TV is straightforward and you need not rely on external medium to stream the contents.

Performance of Chromecast depends on the smartphone speed. Casting screenplays the major role with the no-interface design of Chromecast. The internet connection on your phone plays a vital role. However, it takes a few seconds extra compared with Apple TV to cast a video to the big screen.

5. Remote Control

Apple TV can be controlled by using the remote itself. However, the real complication is that the remote differs from usual remote. Additionally, you can use the iPhone as a remote controller.

Chromecast vs Apple TV
Chromecast vs Apple TV

Chromecast has no remote and you need to entirely rely on the Android or iOS phone. You can even use Google Home app to control the video playback effortlessly.

6. Price

Both Apple TV and Chromecast has lots of differences in specifications and build. This, in turn, reflects in their price too. Apple TV is available as different models and it costs around $149 and $179. You can stream videos on Apple TV to different video quality in HD, 4K, and 4K HDR.

Chromecast costs around $35 and $69. You can use it to stream HD, 4k, Ultra HD, and 4K HDR contents at anytime based on Chromecast model. It is mandatory to have cast supported apps on Android or iOS smartphone.

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Other Features

In addition to streaming video contents, you can use Apple TV as well as the Chromecast to access multimedia. It includes music, photos, radio, podcasts, etc. In addition to this, Apple TV supports streaming music from iTunes, iRadio, etc. Whereas, Chromecast lacks these support.


Both the Chromecast and Apple TV have their own advantages and disadvantages. Those with Apple devices can best buy Apple TV as streaming is easier with built-in apps. Apple TV is just for those who constantly watch streams over the big screen. Whereas if you have an Android device, then choose Chromecast. It is quite affordable when compared to Apple TV.