Chromecast is a device which is used to cast files from a device to TV. By using Chromecast, you can easily cast videos, audios, and files from your phone, tablet or desktop to the TV. There are plenty of applications which supports Chromecast. As Chromecast is a product of Google, it is easy to cast web applications using Chrome browser on your desktop. If you are looking for an alternate browser which supports Chromecast, then Opera browser is the best choice. Like Chrome browser, Opera browser also allows you to cast web applications to your TV. Let us discuss how to Chromecast Opera browser to TV in this post.

How to Chromecast Opera Browser to TV?

Follow the steps below to Chromecast Opera browser to the TV:


  • A Desktop
  • Chromecast device
  • WiFi connectivity
  • The latest version of Opera browser on your desktop

Pre-requisite: Plug-in Chromecast to the HDMI port of your TV and connect it to the power supply. Connect your desktop to the same WiFi network as that of your Chromecast.

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How to Chromecast Opera Browser to TV?

Follow the instructions given below to do Opera Chromecast to TV.

1: Open Opera browser on your desktop.

2: Click on the “Opera” logo on the top left corner and select “Settings” from the drop-down or press “Alt + P” on your keyboard.

How to Chromecast Opera Browser to TV?

3: Click on the Advanced button on your settings page.

How to Chromecast Opera Browser to TV?

4: Under the advanced tab, click on the “Browser” option.

Browser option

5: Scroll down to “User Interface” under browser option. You will find the option “Enable Chromecast Support” under User Interface.

Enable Chromecast Support

6: Click on the radio button and turn it on.

How to Chromecast Opera Browser to TV?

Now your Opera browser is ready to cast web applications to Chromecast similar to Chrome browser. There are different ways of casting using the Opera browser.

  1. Chromecast supported Web applications
  2. Cast Tab
  3. Cast Desktop
  4. File Cast (Audio/Video) using Opera browser

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Chromecast supported Web applications on Opera Browsers

There are a few video streaming websites which supports Chromecast. Youtube is one of the best examples of Chromecast supported web apps. You will find the cast icon on the video streaming page. Click on the icon to start opera cast to the TV.

How to Chromecast Opera Browser to TV?

How to Cast Tab/Desktop/File using Opera Browser?

1: Right-click on the page which you want to cast and click on the “Cast” option.

Right click cast

2: The browser will display the Chromecast device name available.

How to Chromecast Opera Browser to TV?

3: Click on the Sources dropdown box and select “Cast Tab”.

Cast Tab

4: Now tap on the Chromecast device name to cast the particular tab.

How to Chromecast Opera Browser to TV?

Similarly, You can cast Desktop and a file using Opera browser to Chromecast using your desktop.

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How to Cast Opera Mini or Opera Mobile from Android/iPhone to TV?

If you are using Opera browser on your Android smartphone, then you have to use screen mirroring to see your browser on the TV. Screen mirroring is a simple process to cast Opera using a mobile phone. There is no need for any extensions to screen mirror your Opera browser. By casting Opera to TV, you can see all your browser data on the big screen.

Learn how to screen mirror on Chromecast.


The above are the steps required to chromecast Opera browser to the TV. Opera browser acts as an alternative to the Chrome browser. If you are using Chrome browser and facing issues while casting, then you can use the Opera browser which casts a similar way.

Thank you for reading this post.