How to Chromecast HGTV on your TV

Chromecast HGTV

HGTV is an American Television channel, which is a short form for Home & Gardening Television. There are used more than 95 million people all around the world. It has shows related to home and gardening. It also contains shows for house improvement, gardening techniques. Also, give tips for where to buy home and how to renovate them through various shows. They are available on Android, iOS, and several other platforms. Now we are gonna see the technique to Chromecast HGTV on TV.

Ways to Chromecast HGTV on TV

Some of the ways to Chromecast HGTV on TV are

  • Chromecast HGTV via smartphone
  • Chromecast HGTV via Desktop PC

Things to do

Some of the prerequisite that are needed to be done before cast HGTV are

  • Connect your Chromecast device to your television in which HGTV should be casted
  • Make you both the device connected with Chromecast and the casting device are in the same WiFi network.

Chromecast HGTV via smartphone

1: Download and install HGTV application your smartphone

HGTV go - Chromecast HGTV

2: Tap to open the HGTV app

you can also cast by click on the cast icon in the homescreen

3: Play the movie/video you need to watch on HGTV by click the play icon

4: Click on the cast button on the top right of the screen

cast icon

5: Select the device hat connected with Chromecast from the pop-up appears on your screen.

select device - Chromecast HGTV

6: Now the video played on your smartphone will be casted on your device.

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Chromecast HGTV via Desktop PC

1: Open the browser in your PC

2: Search for HGTV official site.

3: Click on Chrome menu (3 dot icon) on the top right corner of the browser

Chrome menu

4: Now click on cast option from the chrome menu.

cast - Chromecast HGTV

5: A pop up appears in the screen with all the nearby available casting devices

cast tab - Chromecast HGTV

6: Click on the Chromecast device connected to your TV or any monitor to display from the list and in source menu click on cast tab to share the current tab or cast desktop to cast the entire screen.

7: Now you can see all the HGTV content on your Television.

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So no more waiting to watch all the home and gardening content and start renovating your home and garden with tips given on the HGTV show. Let us know your favorite show on HGTV and what’s your new renovation ideas in the comment section below.