Nick is a short form of Nickelodeon. It is an American television pay channel which is now available all over the world. They have millions of active viewers all around the world. It focuses mainly on kids and provides much content related to kids in various kinds like animated shows and movies. They also produce several movies and shows. Nick is available for Android, iOS, and websites. You can also watch Nick on TV via Chromecast.

Ways to Chromecast Nick on TV

You can Chromecast Nick on TV in two ways and they are

  • Chromecast Nick using Smartphone
  • Chromecast Nick using Desktop PC


Things need be done before you Chromecast Nick on your TV.

  • Turn on your Chromecast and connect it to your TV HDMI port.
  • Make sure you connected Chromecast and casting device to the same stable WiFi network.

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How to Chromecast Nick using Smartphone?

Nick does not provide Chormecast on any smartphone application. But you can cast Nick by screen mirroring on TV.

1: Open Settings in your Smartphone


2: Click on other wireless connections in your settings.

Other wireless connection

3: Tap on Multi-screen interaction under wireless transport

Multi screen

4: Turn the Multi-screen interaction toggle on and select your Chromecast device.

Pair device - How To Chromecast Nick On TV

5: Now your screen will be mirrored from your smartphone to TV

6: Open Nick App in your smartphone

Nick - How To Chromecast Nick On TV

7: Select the video you need to watch and click play.

play video - How To Chromecast Nick On TV

8: Now the video played on your TV screen.

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How to Chromecast Nick using Desktop PC?

1: Open the browser in your Desktop PC

2: Now open the official Nick website.

Nick website - How To Chromecast Nick On TV

3: Click on the customization and control google chrome menu (3 dot icon) in the top right corner of the chrome.

Google menu - How To Chromecast Nick On TV

4: Click on Cast in the drop down menu.

cast - How To Chromecast Nick On TV

5: A pop up will display all the available casting device.

6: Click on the Chromecast device connected to your TV from the list to start casting and in source click on cast tab to share the current tab or cast desktop to cast the entire screen.

select device - How To Chromecast Nick On TV

7: Now the video you played on Nick will be casted on your screen.

So now you can play any of your favorite shows and movies from Nick on your TV with your kids and family. Connect your device and start watching your favorite shows on Nick now.