Hotstar is one of the best and most downloaded streaming apps in India. Walt Disney owns this video streaming service. Hotstar is not available outside India. Though, the Hotstar is only available in India, is has video content related to Hollywood and other film industry. Hotstar comes with three subscription plans. Hotstar premium ₹999/year, ₹299/month and Hotstar VIP ₹365/year with no trial period and no cancellations. Hotstar is one of the major video content providers in India. With Hotstar, you can’t cast its contents directly on the Chromecast. You can’t even take a screenshot in Hotstar. Using the Chrome browser, you can bypass all the cast restriction. Follow the below instruction to cast Hotstar on Chromecast.

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How to Chromecast Hotstar on TV

You can cast Hotstar on Chromecast in two ways.

  • Using Screen Mirroring in Smartphone.
  • Using the Google Chrome browser.


  • Google Chromecast
  • Smartphone or PC
  • Strong and stable WiFi connection

Preliminary Checking

  • Connect your Google Chromecast to your smart TV
  • Make sure that your smartphone and Google Chromecast are connected to the same WiFi network

Hotstar on Chromecast using Screen Mirroring

Since you can’t cast directly, you need to use Screen Mirroring. By Screen Mirroring, the entire screen will be cast to your smart TV. The pop-up notifications and all will appear in the smart TV. This may annoy you. Follow the below steps to screen mirror your smartphone.

1: Open the Settings menu on your smartphone.

2: Select Connected Devices in the Settings menu.

Hotstar on Chromecast
Connected Devices

3: Choose Connected Preferences.

Hotstar on Chromecast
Connected Preferences

4: Click the Cast option.

Hotstar on Chromecast

5: In the list of devices displayed, choose your Chromecast smart TV.

Hotstar on Chromecast
Select Chromecast Device

6: Click Start Now to confirm your selection.

Hotstar on Chromecast
Start Casting

7: Now the entire screen will be cast to your Chromecast smart TV. Open the Hotstar app and play any video, the video will be played on your smart TV.

Hotstar on Chromecast using Google Chrome Browser

If you feel too much annoyed in Screen Mirroring, you can cast Hotstar on your Chromecast smart TV using Google Chrome Browser.

1: Open your Chrome browser in your smart device.

2: In the search bar, type the Hotstar’s URL and hit Enter.

Go to Hotstar

3: Click the Login button in the top of the Home page.

Tap Login

4: Log in with your account or your phone number.

Login your details

5: After the successful login, play any video you need to cast.

6: While streaming the video, click the three-dotted icons in the top left corner of the screen.

Menu Icon

Step 7: Choose Cast option on the list.

Cast Icon

Step 8: Select your Chromecast smart TV on the list.

Step 9: Click the Sources option and choose Cast Tab.

Now the video will be cast to your Google Chromecast smart TV.

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Hotstar is one of the best streaming apps available on the Internet. The Hotstar library is constantly updating so that you won’t feel complete. In Hotstar, you can get to watch highlights and post-match shows without any subscription. With Hotstar on Chromecast, you can stream the movies and TV shows on your smart TV.

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