How to Watch Plex on Chromecast with Google TV

Plex on Chromecast with Google TV
Plex on Chromecast with Google TV

Plex is one of the must-have applications on Google TV as you can stream movies and series available on the app and from the media servers. Plex has a native app for Google TV and can be downloaded from the Play Store.

Plex acts as both a streaming app and a media server. By setting up Plex Server on a desktop or other device, you can stream the media files from the local storage to your Google TV. In addition, you can stream on-demand content and live TV which is offered on the platform.

This article covers the Plex setup along with the installation process. We have added an alternative method to access Plex on your TV.

How to Setup Plex Server on PC [Windows/Mac/Linux]

You must set up a Plex Media Server on your desktop/laptop to sync files on your local storage.

[1] Go to from any browser on your PC.

[2] Download and Install the Plex Media Server by clicking on Get/Install.

Install Plex Media Server

[3] Run the Plex app on your PC after the installation.

[4] It will open a browser and you have to Sign In with your Plex account. Next, tap Got it to continue.

[5] Further, input a name for a Plex server and tap Next.

Pro Tip: Make sure to mark the Allow me to access my media outside my home check box.

[6] Finally, click Done and upload the files from your PC.

How to Install Plex Media Player on Chromecast with Google TV

You can sign up for Plex for free. But having a premium subscription lets you use the elite features on the platform. Plex currently has three-tier plans starting from $4.99/month.

[1] Connect, set up, and turn on your Chromecast with Google TV.

[2] Click on Apps from the home screen and click the Search tab.

Plex on Chromecast with Google TV

[3] Search or say Plex using the voice remote.

[4] Choose the Plex app from the suggestions and click on Install.

[5] Once installed, click on Open to launch the application.

Now you have successfully installed Plex on your TV.

How to Setup Plex Media Player on Google TV

Once installed, you need to activate and set up Plex on TV to start using it.

[1] Launch the Plex app on your Google TV.

[2] Click on Sign in and take note of the activation code that appears on the screen.

Sign in

[3] Now, open a browser on your mobile or PC and go to Sign in with the user account that you used to set up the Plex Media Server.

[4] Enter the activation code in the required field and click on Link.


[5] You will get a confirmation message on the screen if your account is linked.

Plex on Chromecast with Google TV

[6] The Plex app will ask you to sign up for Plex Pass. Choose the package that you want and go through the payment process.

Note: If you don’t want Plex Pass, click NOT NOW. This option lets you stream personal media files.

Plex on Chromecast with Google TV

[7] After a few minutes, the uploaded media files will be displayed on the Plex Media Server.

FYI: Suppose you don’t want to use Plex, you can try other media centers like Stremio, Emby, Kodi, and more.

How to Cast Plex on Google TV using Smartphone

Besides the direct installation of the Plex app, you can cast videos from your smartphone or PC to your TV.

[1] Connect your smartphone to the same WIFI network as your Google TV.

[2] Open the Google Play Store and App Store on your Android/ iOS device.

[3] Install and launch the Plex app on your Android or iOS device.

[4] Login with your account details and click on the Cast icon.

cast Plex on Google TV

[5] Select your Google TV device to connect.

[6] From the library, select and play the content to watch it on TV.

[7] Click the Cast icon and tap Disconnect if you want to stop screen casting.

cast Plex on Google TV

How to Cast Plex to Google TV from Desktop

For desktop, you need to use the browser version to cast Plex media files to the Google TV.

[1] Open the Chrome browser and visit the Plex website [].

[2] Sign in to your Plex account with the credentials.

[3] To cast, ensure you have connected the desktop and Google TV are connected to the same WiFi.

[4] On the Plex web page, you can see the Cast icon near your Profile.

Cast Plex to Google TV

[5] Click on it and choose your Google TV from the list of nearby devices.

[6] You can see the content playing on the TV screen.


1. Is Plex TV free?

Yes, Plex is completely free to access. You still need a premium plan to use the elite features.

2. How to fix Plex not working on Google TV?

First, check if your Plex server is on the same WIFI network as your Google TV. Then open the Plex app, go to Settings Advanced → Select Allow Insecure Connections → Choose Always.

3. Does Chromecast with Google TV support Dolby Atmos?

No, Google does not support Dolby Atmos or a true passthrough.