NHL app [National Hockey League] is one of the best options to pull all your favorite hockey stuff together under one roof. With the NHL app, you can stream the games live and on-demand with pivotal in-game moments, post-game highlights, team scores, schedules, standings, etc. In addition, you can customize the app according to your wants and get notifications for everything. You can pay $24.99/month, seasonal pass costs $179.99/season, Stanley Cup Playoff Pass $74.99, etc. Here, we will show how to Chromecast NHL on your TV screen and enjoy the game.

Ways to Chromecast NHL

(1) You can Chromecast either directly from the NHL app on your Android or iOS smartphone.

(2) Or, cast from the NHL Site from the computer via Google Chrome Web browser.


  • Chromecast device connected to a TV or a TV with Chromecast support
  • Android or iOS Smartphone/Windows or Mac PC
  • Home WiFi network

(1) Set up the Chromecast device with your TV through an HDMI port.

(2) Connect your Chromecast device and smartphone/computer to the same WiFi network.

Chromecast NHL via Smartphone

(1) Install the NHL app on your Android or iOS smartphone.

NHL on Play Store
NHL on App Store

(2) Open the NHL app.

(3) Then, sign in to your account.

(4) Tap the Cast icon on the top-right corner of the screen.

Chromecast NHL app

(5) From the pop-up with the Chromecast connected devices list, select your device.

(6) Now, the video will cast on your TV.

Chromecast NHL via Desktop PC

(1) Open the Chrome browser on your PC.

(2) Visit the NHL website.

cast the NHL site

(3) Choose any video you want to stream.

(4) Click on the three-dotted menu on the top-right corner of the screen.

(5) Choose the Cast option.

Cast the browser

(6) On the pop-up, click on the Chromecast device you want.

(7) Select Cast Tab from the Sources drop-down. You can also cast the entire desktop by choosing the Cast Desktop option.

Select your device

(8) Enjoy streaming the Hockey games on your TV screen.

Never miss any of the Hockey games with the NHL app on multiple platforms. If you feel that the mobile screens are too small to watch, cast it to your Chromecast-connected TV and enjoy it with friends and family. Do keep up with us for more Chromecast updates.