How to Chromecast MLB TV to TV Using Mobile & PC

Chromecast MLB TV

What is your favorite sports event? If you love baseball, then this section is dedicated to you. As you know, MLB or Major League Baseball is one of the best leagues around the world. Being a hardcore baseball fan, you might find it hard not to watch the MLB matches on your TV. We have the official MLB TV app on various devices to enjoy the MLB matches. However, if you feel difficulty with adding the MLB TV app on your device, you can Chromecast the same. So, this is exactly what we are going to focus on in this section.

The MLB TV app is a subscription-based official baseball streaming app. When it comes to baseball, there is no other service that can take down MLB TV. You won’t miss any of the MLB matches from the opening day to the world series if you have the app. If you miss the live matches, you can watch the highlights on the MLB TV app.

Two Ways to Chromecast MLB TV on Your TV

We have the official MLB app on both Android as well as iOS platforms. Also, these apps are compatible with Chromecast, and you can stream the app on your TV easily. If you have made up your mind to Chromecast MLB TV, then let’s get started. Based on the casting device, there are two ways to access MLB TV on your TV via Google Chromecast. 

  • Android and iOS devices
  • Chrome Web Browser on PC


  • Google Chromecast
  • TV with HDMI port
  • Wi-Fi connection
  • Android/iOS devices or Computer


  • Connect your Chromecast device to the TV through the HDMI port.
  • Connect your casting device and Chromecast to the same Wi-Fi network.

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How to Chromecast MLB TV from Android and iPhone

(1) Start by installing the MLB app on your casting device from the App Store or Play Store.

Install MLB TV App

(2) Open the MLB app and then complete the log-in procedures as needed.

(3) Next, go through the library and choose any content to cast.

(4) Click the Cast icon on the app.

(5) Choose your Chromecast device from the list of devices to cast with.

(6) Within a few minutes, the MLB app will cast on your TV.

(7) Have a great time watching the baseball matches on your TV.

How to Chromecast MLB TV from your Computer?

(1) Firstly, open the Chrome web browser on your PC or Mac and then visit the MLB TV website.

Chromecast MLB TV Using Chrome

(2) Browse through the site and play any content from the app you like.

(3) Select the three-dotted icon on the top-righter corner of the browser and then click on the Cast option.

(4) From the list of nearby devices, select your Chromecast to cast the app.

(5) The browser tab will cast on your TV immediately.

(7) Finally, play any content from MLB TV and enjoy it on your TV.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you watch MLB TV on Chromecast?

Yes, the MLB Android and iOS apps support the Chromecast feature. Also, you can cast MLB TV from its website using the Chrome browser.

2. How do I cast MLB from phone to TV?

Both the Android and iOS apps of MLB are compatible with Chromecast. So, if you have the app, you can cast it on your TV.