How to Chromecast HLS Player to Your TV

Chromecast HLS Player
Chromecast HLS Player
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HLS (stands for HTTP Live Streaming) is a streaming protocol that allows you to stream video from the content from the server to the client. It is a Chrome extension that can be played directly from the browser or any player that supports the HLS M3U8 format. You can stream all the M3U8 files on HTTP live streaming without any ad interruption. It provides support to most web browsers, including Chrome, IE, Safari, etc, over 100 browsers. If you are a Chromecast user, then you can easily Chromecast HLS Player content to your TV or monitor. With this guide, we have added all the possible methods to Chromecast HLS Player on your TV.

Cast HLS Player to TV

You can cast HLS Player to TV using three different methods.


  • Connect the Chromecast device to the HDMI port of the TV or monitor screen.
  • If your device has in-built Chromecast support, then enable it from your settings.
  • Make sure both the Chromecast device and the casting device are connected to the same WiFi network.

How to Chromecast Chrome browser to the TV

[1] Open the Chrome browser on your PC.

[2] Select the Chrome menu (three-dotted icon) from the top right corner.

[3] Select the Save and Share option from the menu and hit the Cast feature.

Click the Save and share option

[4] Under the Cast tab, select your Chromecast device and set the Sources to Cast Desktop.

select you device to Chromecast HLS Player

Method #1: How to Chromecast HLS Player via web

[5] Once the casting starts, visit the website that can stream HLS video streaming.

[6] You can paste the HLS M3U8 URL into any of the above-mentioned websites.

[7] Click on Stream to begin streaming on your website.

Chromecast HLS Player

[8] Now the streaming will be displayed on your Chromecast connected screen.

Method #2: How to Chromecast HLS Player using VLC player

[5] Minimize Chrome browser on your PC

[6] Download and install the VLC media player from the official site.

VLC media player
Visit website

[7] Choose Media from the menu bar.

Select Media and choose Open Network Stream

[8] Select Open Network Stream from the menu.

[9] Under the Network tab, enter the HLS M3U8 URL.

Under the Network tab, enter the HLS M3U8 URL

[10] Click on Play to start streaming and watch it on your TV.

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Method #3: How to Chromecast HLS Player using Chrome Extension

[1] Visit the Chrome web store from your Chrome browser.

Get the HLS Player extensions

[2] Search and add Play HLS Player Chrome extension.

HLS Player

[3] Now open Paste any URL on your address bar and click on Enter to stream on your browser.

Enter the M3U8 URL on the field

Note: Make sure the Extension is enabled. (Extension in Blue- Enabled, and Extension in Blue- disabled)

HLS player extension icon

[4] Then, click on the Chrome menu from the top right corner.

[5] Choose Save and Share from the menu and select the Cast option.

Tap the cast option

[6] Select your Chromecast device from the list, under the Cast tab.

under cast tab, select your Chromecast device

[7] Now the video will be cast to your Chromecast-connected device.

These are some of the ways to cast and play HLS player streaming video on your Chromecast-connected device.


Can I cast HLS Player to Chromecast TV?

Yes, you can Chromecast HLS Player using the above-mentioned methods.

Can you connect Google Chromecast to a TV without an HDMI port?

No, it is impossible to connect a Chromecast device without an HDMI or USB port to the TV.

How to stream HLS Player on a smartphone?

You can stream HLS on Android or iOS smartphones using the website.