Streaming movies and TV shows in the correct aspect ratio is a major headache. If you download offline movies, the chances are high that you end up downloading the file in the wrong aspect ratio. This may happen in Chromecast too. But Chromecast automatically detects your TV and cast the content in that format. This works only for streaming apps. In offline casting, it is not possible. You need to change the Chromecast aspect ratio manually one way or another.

Built-in Cast icon apps like Netflix, YouTube, and other apps won’t have this issue. But many smartphones have come with built-in Cast icon allows you to cast your offline videos and images. While doing so, the aspect ratio in your smartphone and your TV may vary resulting in the black screen below the content.

Chromecast Aspect Ratio: Google Home app

Change Chromecast Aspect Ratio

If you want to change the aspect ratio while casting, you can’t do that manually in Chromecast. In the Google Home app too, there are no settings to change the Chromecast aspect ratio. Lack of user interface and the customization option is the main reason for it.

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Chromecast Aspect Ratio: Streaming apps

In streaming apps like Netflix and YouTube have built-in Cast icon, you can’t change the aspect ratio. In those apps, you can change the video to portrait and landscape mode. By changing the orientation also helps you.

Chromecast Aspect Ratio: Offline Casting apps

You can only change the resolution in your smartphone or any other casting device that too if the app has the capability to it. Media playing apps like VLC, MX Player and other similar apps allow you to change the aspect ratio. Modify the aspect ratio in the app that suits your TV.

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To Conclude

If you are a chromecast user, there is no way that you can change the aspect ratio manually. You can do that only in offline casting apps as mentioned above. Still, you want to change the aspect ratio, you need to change your TV. If you have any ideas to change the Chromecast aspect ratio, tell us in the comments section and let others know.