Are you confused about deciding which media player device to choose? Then, you came to the right place to find the best media player. Everyone is going for the media player device to stream their favorites. There is no doubt that Google TV and Nvidia shield are the most popular media player device worldwide. These two media player devices are built with an elegant design and rich quality. So, it will be very tough to choose between these two best media players. But don’t worry, guys, let us compare these two Chromecast with Google TV vs Nvidia Shield in the below section.

Chromecast with Google TV vs Nvidia Shield

Let us compare Chromecast with Google TV vs Nvidia Shield by the following categories.

  • Design
  • Specifications.
  • Gaming Compatability


With the simplistic design, Google TV attracts us at first sight. The Google TV device is oval shape in nature. Also, the Google TV device comes with a small remote to control your Google TV. On the other side, with the Nividia Shield TV, you will receive a cylindrical-shaped media player device to connect to your TV’s HDMI port. Also, to control the Nvidia Shield device, you will receive a unique controller. So, Nvidia Shield beats Google TV when it comes to design. However, only with the structure of the device, you can’t conclude which device is the best. So, let us further compare Google TV and Nvidia Shield.

Google TV remote.


Chromecast With Google TV

Let us see about the specifications of Chromecast with Google TV.

OSGoogle TV
ProcessorQuad-Core Amlogic S905X3
4k Upscaling TechnologyNO
Gaming CompatabilityStadia
Connectivity802.11ac (2.4 GHz / 5GHz)
PortsHDMI * 1, USB-C
Voice AssistantGoogle Assistant
Remote ControlYes
ColorsSnow, Sunrise, Sky

Nvidia Shield

We have already seen the specifications of Chromecast with Google TV. Now, let us see the specs of Nvidia Shield below:

OSAndroid TV
ProcessorTegra X1 + Processor
4k Upscaling TechnologyYes
Gaming CompatabilityGeForce Now
Connectivity802.11ac 2×2 MIMO (2.4 GHz / 5 GHz)
PortsHDMI * 1, Ethernet * 1, microSD * 1, Power
Voice AssistantAlexa
Remote ControlYes

Now, we have also compared the specs of Chromecast with Google TV and Nvidia Shield. We have found that Nvidia Shield is better than Chromecast with Google TV. Every device has unique features. Hence, Google TV has an AI system to help its users by recommending them the contents based on their search preference. On the other hand, Nvidia Shield offers their power technology to add extra spices to enjoy more with their device connected to the user’s TV.

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Gaming Compatability

We already know that Nividia Shield and Chromecast with Google TV have gaming compatibility. So let us discuss more how both gaming compatibility differs. Chromecast with Google TV supports Stadia, and Nividia Shield supports GeForce Now. On both platforms, you can stream and play games with a controller. But when it comes to gaming collections, Nvidia Shield has many collections. So, with the vast number of gaming collections on Nvidia Shield, you can stream and play more games better than Chromecast with Google TV. So, you will find GeForce Now more interesting than Stadia.

Google TV vs Nvidia Shield

To Sum Up

We have compared all the technical aspects of Chromecast with Google TV vs Nvidia Shield, and we found that Nvidia Shied has bettered Chromecast with Google TV. However, it is not to be declined that both the devices are built with extreme care and quality. At the same time, when comparing the budget between Chromecast with Google TV and Nvidia Shield, you will find Nvidia Shield to be expensive. So, if you are willing to pay the high price, you can get Nvidia Shield. Otherwise, you can surely get Google TV.