Google Home is the app that you will be using to set up your Chromecast device. Other than the Chromecast with Google TV version, all previous versions don’t have their own user interface. So all users will be using the Google Home app on their iOS or Android streaming device to set up or restart or adjust any settings on Chromecast. You may not be able to detect the device at the time of initial setup or the device name may not be shown or the Google Home app may not be able to detect the device. The first and foremost reason is the WiFi and there are many other too reasons for which the devices may not be working properly. You can easily fix Google Home can’t find Chromecast streaming device with the help of this write-up.

Google Home Can’t Find Chromecast

Here are few solutions that you can use whenever the Google Home app is not able to find or detect the Chromecast device.

Easy Fixes

Google Home Can't Find Chromecast
  • Your smartphone and Chromecast device should be within 15 to 20 feet or 4 to 6 meters range.
  • The colour of the LED light should be white. Then only the device is ready for the casting and connected well.
  • Check that the WiFi network is in the visible range.
  • Make sure to turn on Bluetooth while casting from the iOS devices.
  • Also, if you are casting from Android Marshmallow devices, the location settings must be turned on.
  • Check the Chromecast device is connected to your TV without any loose ends.
  • Close and reopen the Google Home app.

These are some simple fixes with which you can rectify some basic issues. If not, proceed further to know more about fixes.

Set Up your Chromecast Device

Set up your Chromecast device

You can reset the Chromecast device by pressing and holding the button on the device for so long until the LED color changes to Orange. Once you have reset the device, it will return to the factory default settings. Now, you can begin the setup process. If the TV screen says “Set me Up,” then you should set up the Chromecast device as you did for the first time. Each and every generation of Chromecast will have different steps to set up but all the setup can be done only with the Google Home. For setting up you can connect the Android or iOS device to the same WiFi network which brings us to the next fix.

Confirm the WiFi Network

Chromecast WiFi connection

Restart the WiFi router if the problem is with the WiFi signal or anything related to the ISP. Before that, the Google Home app will detect the Chromecast device only when they are on the same WiFi network. First, connect our Chromecast device to the Home WiFi network. Then connect your smartphone from which you are using the Google Home to the same network. Now the devices will recognize each other. Also, the streaming device should be kept within the WiFi range.

Other Fixes

Chromecast Back Button
  • You can restart the Chromecast device. It will fix the small technical glitches immediately. It will be an immediate and ultimate solution for multiple issues like hanging, freezing or buffering, etc.
  • Also, try restarting your smartphone.
  • Update the Chromecast firmware, Google Home app, Android/iOS firmware.
  • If nothing helps, just reset the Chromecast to factory defaults. It is so simple. Just press and hold the back button until the light turns orange.

With all the above-mentioned techniques, the Google Home can’t find Chromecast issue must be solved at once. If not contact the customer support of Chromecast as a last resort. Do let us know if you have any other methods to resolve issues in the comments section below.