How to Chromecast Sky Sports to the TV

Chromecast Sky Sports

If you don’t prefer installing Sky Sports on your Smart TV, but still like to watch on it, you can try mirroring the device. Unfortunately, the Sky Sports app isn’t compatible with Chromecast. Hence, you need to screen mirror the device to the TV.

Sky Sports allows you to watch live streaming and on-demand videos of different sports events from worldwide. You can find live scores, trending sports news, expert analysis, and more.

Follow the step-by-step instructions in this article to mirror Sky Sports to the Chromecast-connected or built-in TV.

How to Chromecast Sky Sports App from Android Smartphone

1. Establish the same Wi-Fi connection between your Chromecast device and Android Smartphone.

2. Install the Sky Sports app from the Google Play Store.

3. Launch the Sky Sports app and sign in to your account.

4. Keep the Sky Sports app running in the background and go to the Notification Panel.

5. Select Cast and choose your Chromecast device.

Cast Sky Sports from Android

6. Open the Sky Sports app and play any sports events.

7. Now, the Sky Sports app will be cast to your TV.

How to Cast Sky Sports on Chromecast-connected TV from iPhone/iPad

Before proceeding, install the Replica app on your iPhone or iPad.

1. Go to the App Store on your iPhone or iPad and install the Sky Sports app.

2. Then, launch the Replica app and select your Chromecast device.

3. Next, tap on the Start button and click Start Broadcast from the pop-up menu.

Chromecast Sky Sports using Replica on iPhone and iPad

4. You can now see your iPhone’s screen on your TV.

5. Open the Sky Sports app and sign in with your account credentials.

6. Play any sports event and watch it on your Chromecast-connected TV.

Note: You can access all the Chromecast Sky Go app to Smart TV and stream Sky Sports.

How to Cast Sky Sports on TV from PC using Chrome Browser

You can also cast Sky Sports using the Chrome browser on your desktop.

1: Open the Chrome browser on your desktop and go to the URL

Sky Sports website

2: Right-click on the screen and select the Cast option.

Chromecast Sky Sports

3: The browser will search for the available casting device.

Cast Tab

4: Click the Sources drop-down button and select the Cast Tab option.

Select Cast Tab

5: Now, select the Chromecast device to cast this particular tab.

Chromecast Sky Sports begins

6. The entire Chrome tab will appear on the TV. Choose any content on the Sky Sports website and enjoy streaming it on Chromecast TV.

How to Chromecast Sky Sports using Edge Browser on PC

Like Chrome, you can use the built-in cast feature of the Edge browser to mirror the content.

1: Visit the Sky Sports website on the Microsoft Edge browser.

2: Click the three dot icons on the top right.

3: Choose More Tools from the options.

4: Select Cast media to device.

Select Cast media to device.

5: Now, select your Chromecast device, and set the source as Cast Tab.

6: Play the videos to stream it on your TV.


1. Why can’t I cast Sky Sports on TV?

Refer to the steps below to fix the Sky Sports not casting issue.
1. Update the Sky Sports app.
2. Update Chromecast.
3. Uninstall and reinstall the app.

2. Is Sky Sports available on Now TV?

Yes, Sky Sports is available on Now TV. The monthly subscription starts at £34.99/month which includes 11 Sky Sports channels.