Paramount Network is an American Television network. It has live TV shows, original series, movies and many more in it. They produce movies and TV shows under their own production company. It also provides streaming service of it owns and stream all its content anytime and anywhere. Paramount Network is available for your smartphones and it is also available on Smart TVs as well. If you are not able to install Paramount Network on Smart TVs, you can use Chromecast to stream it on TV. You can also be able to cast all the content on Paramount Network on your TV using Chromecast by following the steps given below.

How to Chromecast Paramount Network on TV?

There are two ways to Chromecast Paramount Network on TV

  • Using Smartphone
  • Using PC

To-do List

Some of the prerequisites done before starting to cast on your TV are

  • Switch on the TV or Monitor and Connect your Chromecast device to it.
  • Make sure both your casting device and Chromecast connected device are under the same WiFi connection.

Chromecast Paramount Network via Smartphone

1: Open Settings in your Smartphone

Settings - Chromecast Paramount Network

2: Under Settings click on Other wireless connections

Other wireless connections - Chromecast Paramount Network

3: Click on Multi-screen interaction in it.

Multiscreen interactions - Chromecast Paramount Network

4: Turn on the Multi-screen interaction toggle to view all the available casting devices near you.

toggle on - Chromecast Paramount Network

5: Select the connected Chromecast device to start casting.

Select device - Chromecast Paramount Network

Note: Settings menu may varies slightly from device to device but the procedure is same for all devices.

6: Now open the Paramount Network application in your smartphone

Paramount network - Chromecast Paramount Network

7: Play any movie or show it will be displayed on your TV screen.

homescreen - Chromecast Paramount Network

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Chromecast Paramount Network via PC

1: Open the Google chrome in your PC

2: Search for Paramount Network official site in the chrome. (

3: Click on the chrome menu (3 dot icon) on the top right corner of the screen.


4: Select the cast option form the chrome menu.

cast - Chromecast Paramount Network

5: A pop up will be appears on the screen which shows all the available casting device.

cast tab - Chromecast Paramount Network

6: Select the Chromecast device connected to your TV from the list and in source menu click on cast tab to share the current tab or cast desktop to cast the entire screen.

7: Now Paramount Network can b on your TV.

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These are some of the ways to Chromecast Paramount Network in your TV or monitor device. Now you can watch all your favorite movies and TV shows from the paramount network on your TV device. It provides a wide collection of reality shows and lives shows in it which are can be viewed by subscribing to it.