LG Smart TVs are the best TVs for casting purposes. All the TVs from LG are equipped with Smart Share tool which can be used to cast content from smartphones, PCs, and tablets. With the Smart Share tool, you can cast everything to your TV without Google Chromecast. Smart Share tool from LG is one of the best alternatives to Chromecast if you are an LG TV user. The Screen Share app is powered by Miraxast and works similar to Miracast. Follow the below steps to chromecast the video content to your LG TV.

How to Chromecast to LG TV?

  • Using Smartphone
  • Using PC

Steps to Chromecast to LG TV from Smartphone

1: Open the Screen Share app from your LG TV. If you don’t have the app, download the app from the LG Content Store.

LG TV Chromecast

2: On your smartphone, turn on the Cast option under the Settings menu. The name of the option may vary according to smartphone brands. Screen Mirroring, Screen Cast, Cast Screen are the different names that are shown on the smartphone.

LG TV Chromecast

3: Your LG smart TV will be displayed for the casting. Click on it to cast. It will take 10 to 15 seconds to connect.

4: After that, your smartphone screen is mirrored to your LG TV. Now whatever you do on your smartphone, it will be displayed on the TV.

5: If you want to stop the casting process, click the Cast option and tap on Disconnect.

Note: You can iOS smartphone to your LG TV only if you’re using 2019 and above models. In the 2018 and earlier models, you can’t cast using the iOS smartphone.

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Step to Cast to LG TV from PC

1: Open the Screen Share app on your LG TV.

2: Go to Settings on your PC and choose Devices.

Select Devices

3: Click on Bluetooth & other devices.

4: Your LG Smart TV will be displayed, click on it to cast.

select TV

5: Once the connection is completed, choose Duplicate on the Project settings.

Chromecast LG TV

6: Now, the entire PC screen will be mirrored to your LG TV.

7: To stop the casting process, click the Disconnect button on the top of the PC screen.

Disadvantages of LG Smart TV’s Casting

Though the Smart Screen app by LG is the best alternative to Google’s Chromecast, it has some major flaws in it. You are not casting your device instead you are mirroring the device. While mirroring, all your notification will be displayed on your TV. This is the major flaw while mirroring.

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LG Smart TV has a built-in cast feature called Screen Share. Use any one of the methods to mirror your smartphone content on your LG TV. As mentioned above, you will face notification disturbance when mirroring. If you have any doubts, mention that in the comments section.