How to Chromecast FandangoNOW to TV

Chromecast FandangoNow

Fandango is an American based movie ticket selling company via mobile app and also a television provider and streaming media. FandangoNOW is a streaming platform that has more than 80,000 movies and TV shows in it. It also has a wide range of collections of movies and TV shows from old movies to recently released modern movies. They are available for users with a monthly subscription. You can watch fandangoNOW on chromecast.

How to Cast FandangoNOW on Chromecast?

Some of the ways to chromecast FandangoNOW on TV are

  • Chromecast FandangoNOW via Smartphone
  • Chromecast FandangoNOW via PC


Things to do to Chromecast on your TV are

  • Connect the Chromecast device to your TV.
  • Make sure that both devices are connected to the same WiFi connection.

Chromecast FandangoNOW via Smartphone

1: Download and install FandangoNOW in your smartphone.


2: Clik on the cast icon in the top right side of the screen.

cast icon

3: A pop up will appears in the screen and shows all the available casting devices

select device - Chromecast FandangoNOW

4: Select the device connected to your Chromecast to start casting.

5: Now you can play any movie or TV show in the app and it will be seen via television.

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Chromecast FandangoNOW via PC

1: Open the Google Chrome in your PC.

2: Search for in your browser.

Open website

3: Click on the 3 dot icon (Chrome menu) from the right corner of the browser.

4: Select Cast option from the chrome menu.

cast - Chromecast FandangoNOW

5: After clicking on cast a pop up menu will appear which shows all the available casting device

cast tab - Chromecast FandangoNOW

6: Select the Chromecast device connected to your TV from the list and in source menu click on cast tab to share the current tab or cast desktop to cast the entire screen.

7: Now you can watch all the shows and movies from FandangoNOW on your TV

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So now you can be able to watch all your favorite movies and TV shows streaming on FandangoNOW on your TV or any screen by Chromecasting it. Let us what you watch on FandangoNOW in the comment section below.