How to Change Chromecast Screensaver

Chromecast Screensaver

Google’s Chromecast is a customizable smart device. It allows the user to customize a lot of options. When your Chromecast is in standby mode, it won’t go to the black screen like in a smartphone. But by default, it will play a slideshow containing photos from all over the world, like Google Hangouts’s website background wallpaper. All these images rotated through are linked to their default locations on Google Hosting. If you are annoyed by this slideshow, you can change the Chromecast screensaver with your photos. If you want to change the screensaver of your Chromecast, follow the below steps.

To change the Chromecast Screensaver, you need the Google Home app on your smartphone. The app is officially available on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. Install the app from the respective app store if you don’t have the app.

Steps to Set up a Screensaver or Background in Chromecast with Google TV

The setup procedure is the same for both Android and iOS smartphones.

1: Launch the Google Home application on your smartphone.

2: Tap on the Chromecast icon on the bottom left of the screen.

Chromecast Screensaver

3: On the next screen, click the Settings icon on the top right corner of the screen.

Click on settings

4: On top of the screen, click on the Personalize Ambient mode, and more option.

Chromecast Screensaver

5: A pop-up will appear, choose Yes, I’m in.

Yes I'm In

6: Now, you will get the Ambient Mode on the list of customizable options. Tap on it.

Ambient mode

7: Click on Google Photos to open your personal photo collection.

8: Since it is a screensaver, you can choose a single photo. You need to choose an album of photos. All the photos will be arranged and grouped with Friends, Family, and Recent places.

9: Choose any one of the albums and go back. Google Photos will now get displayed.

Chromecast Screensaver

10: Now, whenever your Chromecast is in standby mode, it will play your selected photos.

Chromecast by Google TV is the best casting device that you can buy as it offers several built-in customizable features to the user. Change your backdrop or screensaver anytime with ease and make your watch the slideshow while the TV is not in use.


What is Ambient Mode?

In Ambient mode, the screen on your TV automatically changes according to the surroundings. In addition, it displays information like weather, calendar, and incoming notifications.

Why is Chromecast built-in not working?

You can reset Chromecast built-in by unplugging the power cord for at least 3 minutes to rectify the not working issues.

How can you turn off background pictures on Chromecast?

You can turn off the screen saver if not in use. To do this, go to Chromecast from the Google Home app and select Personalize Ambient to select Time or Weather.