How to Sideload Browser on Google TV

Browser on Google TV
Browser on Google TV

When it comes to the internet, browsers play a major role in accessing and surfing important things. But when it comes to the Android TV and streaming device, the browsing options are very fewer. Even though they come with numerous streaming applications, the developers aren’t interested in developing a dedicated web browser. Even the new Chromecast with Google TV doesn’t have any browser built-in, but you can sideload a browser on your Google TV device. Let’s see how to install and surf the internet on “Chromecast with Google TV” using a browser.

Advantages of installing a browser on Google TV:

  • Check your emails and related stuff instantly from your couch.
  • Access your favorite streaming platform and its content without installing the respective application.
  • Search and surf for any content over the internet.

How to Sideload Browser on Chromecast with Google TV

As of now, Firefox TV and Puffin TV browser are the popular ones that work with the streaming device remote for navigation and surfing.

[1] Turn and set up your Chromecast with a Google TV device.

[2] Click on the Search button from the home screen.

Browser on Google TV

[3] Search for the Downloader app and choose it from the search results.

Browser on Google TV

[4] Click on the Install button to start the installation process.


[5] Before launching the app, enable unknown sources for Downloader.

Unknown apps

Settings >> Apps >> Security & Restrictions >> Unknown sources >> Downloader >> Turn on.

[5] Enter the browser apk URL in the Downloader.

  • Puffin TV browser –
  • Firefox –

[6] Click on Go to download the browser apk file.

[7] After downloading the file, install it by clicking the Install menu.

[8] Wait for the browser to install on your device.

[9] After installing the browser, launch it and start surfing the internet.

How to Get Browser on Google TV with ES File Explorer

[1] Install and launch the ES File Explorer on your Google TV.

[2] Click on the Downloader option and select the +New icon.

[3] It will display two different fields. In the Path field, enter the URL link of the APK to download.

[4] While in the Name field, enter any name and click Download Now.

[5] Once downloaded, click Open file and select click Install.

[6] Click Install again to confirm the installation.

[7] Wait till the app gets installed, and click Open to launch the app.

Alternate Ways

If you are not interested in sideloading the app on your Google TV device, try casting the browser from your smartphone or PC to the Google TV. For a seamless casting experience, you can install and cast the Amaze browser from your Android or iOS device.

You can even sideload Google Chrome on your Google TV device, but you can’t navigate within the app using your Google TV remote.

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Does Google TV have a browser?

Most smart TVs don’t support web browsers, and Google TV is not an exception. However, you can get them on your TV with apps like File Commander, Downloader, and more.

Can you jailbreak on Google TV with Chromecast?

No, it is not possible to jailbreak on Chromecast with Google TV.

What are the best browsers available for Google TV?

Firefox, Google Chrome, Puffin TV Browser, TV Bro, and JioPages TV are some of the best browsers available for Google TV as well as Android TV.

Why is my Google TV not working?

Unplug the power cord and rest it for thirty seconds. Plug it back in and check for the internet connection.