How to Chromecast Google Files to TV

Chromecast google Files

Files by Google or Google files is a very useful application from Google. This application mainly helps you to clear the unwanted storage space on your smartphone that is filled with unwanted files. This is brought about by the smart cleaning recommendation feature of the Google Files app. Also, it helps you share files offline across smartphones. Additionally, it has a media player that helps you enjoy watching all the local videos on your smartphone. If you Chromecast Google Files, you can enjoy watching these shows on your TV on a bigger screen.

Are you looking for an option to cast your videos from your smartphone and PC on your TV? Then, Google Files will help with the same. Also, Google Files have a variety of uses including clearing up space on your device as well as an offline file sharing feature. So, adding the Google Files app will help you at different levels. Let’s discuss the methods by which one can cast Google Files on your TV via Chromecast.

Two Ways to Chromecast Google Files on Your TV

There are two methods to access the Google Files app on your TV via Google Chromecast. You can cast it from the following devices. 

  • Android Device
  • Chrome Web Browser Using PC and Mac


  • Google Chromecast
  • TV with HDMI port
  • Strong Wi-Fi connection
  • Android devicer or computer


  • Connect Chromecast to the HDMI port of your TV
  • Connect your casting device and Chromecast to the same Wi-Fi network

How to Chromecast Google Files from Android

(1) If you don’t have Google Files, install it on your casting device from the App Store or the Play Store.

(2) Once the download is over, launch the app and then complete the log-in procedure.

(3) On the Google Files library on your device and choose any content to cast on your TV.

(4) Further, click on the Cast icon inside the Google Files app.

Chromecast Google Files

(5) Pick your Chromecast device from among the list of devices on your screen.

(6) Wait for a few seconds and the Google Files app will cast the content on your TV.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to Chromecast Google Files?

Files from Google or Google Files have an in-built cast option that helps you with casting the app on your TV.

2. Can you play files on Chromecast?

Yes, the Google Chromecast comes with an in-built cast icon to help you cast across devices.