Chromecast vs Smart TV | Which is better?

Chromecast vs Smart TV

The regular televisions had been replaced with a smart TV. With the internet, you can stream movies, TV shows, and more other videos are made easy with the smart TV. Their functions seem to be more or less similar to smartphones. The digital media player has transformed the television streaming to a step ahead. Chromecast is one such media player works with a smart TV. So, it is clear that smart TV is not the same as Chromecast. There are lots of noticeable differences that exist between both of them. You may get into the article to find the dissimilarities as we have analyzed Chromecast vs Smart TV.

What is Smart TV?

A smart TV is a television that works with an internet connection. Any smart TV will be pre-loaded with an operating system or will be available through the set-top box. For instance, Samsung runs on Tizen OS while LG uses WebOS. Similarly, brands like Sony, Phillips runs on Android OS while Apple TV runs on tvOS. So, every other smart TV has its own user interface and you can install or update apps from the app store just like a smartphone. Moreover, the smart TV will help you stream internet TV, over-the-top contents, and on-demand streaming service.

Chromecast vs Smart TV

What is Chromecast?

Chromecast by Google is one of the compatible media player devices. The latest models look like a dongle in circular shape while some looks like a USB stick. You need to connect the Chromecast into the HDMI input port of your smart TV to access its features. It has an integrated WiFi receiver that will transfer contents from the Android/iOS smartphone to your PC. Alternatively, you can cast your Chrome browser tab to your smart TV with Chromecast. So, whatever you are streaming on phone or PC will be cast to your TV. For instance, you can screen mirror videos streams from YouTube, Hulu, Plex, and more other apps with just a click on Cast icon.

Chromecast vs Smart TV

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Chromecast vs Smart TV – Differences

The most notable difference between Chromecast vs Smart TV are listed below.

1. External Device Support:

  • Any Smart TV user needs no external device to stream contents on your smart TV. You can use any pre-installed apps to watch videos.
  • Whereas, Chromecast needs either your smartphone apps or Chrome browser installed PC support.

2. User Interface

  • Chromecast is a just a digital media player and it has no user-interface built-in.
  • Whereas any smart TV has its own user-friendly user interface and the user can customize it based on their need.

3. Connectivity & Accessibility

  • Accessing smart TV is definitely simple. All you need to do is to just connect your TV to the internet and choose any app to stream your favourite contents.
  • Whereas, Chromecast entirely rely on the smartphone or PC with the latest Chrome browser. You have to set up Chromecast, connect your device and then cast any videos from phone/PC to your TV.

4. Portability

  • Chromecast being a compact device, you can carry it to any place you move on. It is highly portable and doesn’t require much space.
  • Portability is slightly lower than Chromecast when in case of smart TV. You need a larger amount of space to carry it.

5. Apps & Programs

  • Any smart TV users can access apps right from the respective app store of the OS installed on the TV. You can download, install, update, and access any number of apps on your smart TV.
Chromecast vs Smart TV
  • When in case of Chromecast, you must have installed the apps on your smartphone. Only those apps that support cast feature can cast your phone screen to a smart TV. The advantage of using Chromecast is that the apps on your phone will be an updated version.

6. Price

  • Chromecast is available as three different models and costs between $35 to $70 based on the model you choose.
  • Smart TV price isn’t fixed as like Chromecast. Different manufacturers have fixed their own price. The price may vary based on the screen resolution of the smart TV you are purchasing.

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To Conclude

Chromecast and Smart TV are two different devices. A smart TV can function without Chromecast where Chromecast needs a smart TV. Both of them have their own pros and cons. If you want to stream anything on any TV, then Chromecast goes well. If you don’t want to rely on external devices like a phone or PC, then smart TV is the better option.