Google Home & Chromecast vs Echo Dot & Firestick

Chromecast vs Echo dot

Controlling Chromecast or Firestick enabled smart TV no more requires remote. You can easily control your big screen with your voice over the smart speakers. The Chromecast users can use Google Home and Fire TV devices can be controlled over Amazon Echo Dot or Alexa. With this, you will be able to experience hands-free TV controlling. While Chromecast and Echo Dot are two different things, we will be dealing with Google Home and Chromecast vs Echo Dot and Fire TV. So, you will find which smart speaker gives you the best hands-free TV streaming at the end of this article.

Google Home & Chromecast vs Echo Dot & Firestick

Head down below to know what’s common and what are the differences that exist between Google Home and Echo Dot.

1. Setup

Setting up Google Home speakers require Google Home app on your Android or iOS device. With this, you can easily link different Chromecast devices and control them over your voice. Setup custom names like kitchen, living room, etc, to control the speaker over your voice from any place of your home.

Chromecast vs Echo Dot

Echo Dot setup process isn’t as simple as Chromecast. You should set up each Echo dot to one Amazon Firestick using Alexa app on Android or iOS. The setup process sometimes looks like little time taking. But it is a way useful as you need not specify the device you are about control every time.

2. Device Support

Using Google Home smart speakers, you can control almost all the models of Chromecast. It includes the Chromecast Ultra as well as the Chromecast built-in TV. You can use it to control hundreds of connected home products like cameras, lights, thermostats, etc.

Chromecast vs Echo Dot

While Echo Dot can be used to control all the Amazon Fire TVs. You can even use this smart speaker with Amazon Firestick of first and second-generation models. i.e, voice command will be much shorter. The more you use Alexa, the more it will adapt to your voice and vocabulary. Just like Google Home, you can use Alexa to control home electronics like lights, locks, etc.

3. Video & Playback Controls

Google Home currently supports more than thousands of streaming services apart from YouTube and Netflix. The integration of Google Assistant with Google Home is an added advantage as it will assist you intelligently.

Control it using Google home

Alexa or Echo Dot also controls a large number of apps and services. Apart from searching for video in Amazon Prime Video, it will take you to the search result page. You can ask Alexa to launch specific apps without needing the remote.

In the case of video playback, both Google Home and Alexa supports the basic functionalities effortlessly. So, you can easily play, pause, rewind, fast forward, skip to next videos, etc, over your voice control. They will even play the next episode if you command so.

Control Firestick

Despite this, Google Home has few more advantages like it supports turning on and off the closed captions. Similarly, you can turn the volume up or down.

4. Price

To control Chromecast over voice, you have to buy Google Home that costs around $89 while Echo Dot is priced at $29.99 while Echo is available for $79.99.

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To Conclude

You would have known about Google Home for Chromecast vs Echo Dot for Firestick in detail. While both of them are smart speakers, they have their own pros and flaws when it comes to controlling smart TV over voice. Echo Dot has lots of options for the Alexa enabled devices and is a better choice if you primarily look for smart home controls. Google Home is quite versatile as it features a virtual assistant. Finally, we aren’t here to tell which is best rather we have let you decide based on your need.

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