Skype is a telecommunication app featuring video/audio calls over the internet. The Skype application is available for most of the devices with a camera that includes Android, iPhone, Tablet, iPad, Laptops, Xbox One Consoles and Smart Watches. Nowadays, Smart TVs with Camera is also used to Skype with your loved ones. If you do not own a Smart TV with a camera but still wish to use Skype on the TV, then you can use the Chromecast device. Chromecast is a device which is used to cast videos/audios/files from one device to the TV. You can Chromecast Skype and start seeing the Live video on the TV.

Note: Skype is an interactive service. Both persons are able to see and hear each other while skyping. By casting Skype, You will be able to see the Live video on TV but still, you need your mobile/Laptop camera as the other person is seeing you via that camera.

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Chromecast Skype

Skype is not a Chromecast compatible app. Hence, you will not find any cast icon in the Skype application. Therefore, you should screen mirroring option to Chromecast Skype videos on your TV. There are two ways of using screen mirroring option on Chromecast:

  1. Using Google home app on Smartphone
  2. Using the Chrome browser on a computer


  • Plug-in Chromecast to the HDMI port of your TV.
  • Connect Chromecast and the device from which you are casting to the same WiFi network.

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How to screen mirror Skype to the TV using the Home app on Smartphones?

1: Open Google Home app on your Smartphone (Android/iPhone).

2: If your device is turned on, it will appear on the home screen of your app. Select the Chromecast device.

3: The device screen will open. You will find the “Cast My Screen” option at the bottom of your app. Tap on the “Cast My Screen” option.

4: A “Cast to mirror device” pop-up will appear. Now click on the “Cast Screen” option.

5: Another pop-up will appear to warn you about the sensitivity of screen mirroring. Click “Start Now” to proceed.

6: Your phone screen will appear on the TV. Open the Skype app and start making video calls.

Note: You can be able to see the person on your TV but you have to use the phone camera and mic to speak with him. The other person will be able to see and hear you only by using your Phone and not the TV.

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Alternative Method:

To screen mirror using iPhone, you can use the “Streamer for iPhone” app to mirror your Skype calls to the TV. You can use inbuilt cast option on Android to cast the screen as well.

How to Chromecast Skype using Chrome browser on Computer?

To video call using a computer, you need a laptop or desktop with a camera.

1: Open Chrome browser on your computer.

2: Click on the menu icon and tap over the “Cast” button.

Click Cast

3: The Chrome browser will search for the available devices.

Chromecast Skype

4: Click on the sources dropdown button and select “Cast Desktop” button.

Chromecast Skype

5: Now tap on the device name to cast your entire desktop.

6: Open Skype app on your computer and start making a video call.

The entire screen will appear on the TV.

Note: As mentioned earlier, by mirroring your desktop, you will be able to see the application on the TV. But you need the desktop to provide interactive support like Video and Mic so that the other person will be able to see and hear you.

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The above are the two methods available to cast Skype on your TV. By mirroring Skype, you will be able to see the live video call on your TV. This method will be well suited for an office conference or a family gathering where Chromecast will play a significant role.

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