Google Chromecast works flawlessly on PC. Even though you can set up Chromecast using PC, you can also use Chromecast to cast or mirror the media files from your PC to TV. To make the process even simpler, there are some available Chromecast apps for PC to cast contents. In this post, we listed the best Chromecast apps for PC. Check our below list and install any one of the apps on your PC.

6 Best Chromecast Apps for PC

  • Chrome browser
  • Cast to Chromecast
  • Playcast
  • PlayTo TV
  • Video Caster
  • Videostream for Google Chromecast

Chrome Browser

Chrome browser

Chrome browser is the best Chromecast app for Windows 10 PC. Both the Chromecast and Chrome browser are developed by Google so that you can cast with ease. In the Chrome browser, you can cast the working tab, mirror your entire desktop, or even cast any files stored in the offline library. Unfortunately, the Chrome browser is not available on the Microsoft Store. You can download it from the official Chrome Website.

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Cast to Chromecast

Chromecast apps for PC

Cast to Chromecast is a paid app that costs $2.99 on the Microsoft Store. With the app, you can cast your offline and local videos to your Chromecast or any Android TVs. To install the Cast to Chromecast app, you must have Windows 10 version 15063.0. You can’t install the app on PCs below Windows 10 OS. The procedure required for casting is pretty simple. Buy the Cast to Chromecast app from the Microsoft Store.



Playcast is also a paid app but costs more than Cast to Chromecast. It costs $4.99 on the Microsoft Store. The app has the capability to cast media files from your PC to Chromecast, Chromecast Audio, Xbox, Apple TV, DLNA Smart TV, and even Miracast. You can also add playlists so that it will automatically switch to the next file. Download the Playcast app from the Microsoft Store.

PlayTo TV

Chromecast apps for PC

PlayTo TV is one of the free Chromecast apps for Windows 7 PC. It can be installed on Windows 10 OS without any difficulty. With PlayTo TV, you can cast both online and offline media contents to the Chromecast. It supports Samsung, Sony, Chromecast, Roku, Firestick, Xbox, Now TV, and DLNA Smart TVs. You can get the PlayTo TV app from the Microsoft Store.

Video Caster

Chromecast apps for PC

Video Caster is a paid PC Chromecast app, which costs $1.49. It has no unwanted things, so you just open the app and choose your Chromecast device. That’s it, you can cast media contents with ease. Video Caster is one of the simplest Chromecast apps for PC. You can even install the app on Xbox One console. It is supported by both 32-bit and 64-bit systems. Download the Video Caster app from the Microsoft Store.

Videostream for Google Chromecast

Chromecast apps for PC

Videostream for Google Chromecast is a Chrome browser extension available on the Chrome Web Store. It is a perfect alternative for the Google Cast extension. It is best for casting your offline and local videos. You can also install the extension on Mac PC. By using the extension, you can cast the videos without any loss in quality. It is supported by Sony, Nexus Player, Nvidia Shield, and Chromecast.

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To Conclude

These are the best Chromecast apps for your PC. Install any one of the apps that perfectly suits your requirements and cast media files to the big screen. If you know or find any other Chromecast apps for PC, tell us as comments below.