Music heals heart & soul. As it is always a good companion, we tend to hear music a lot during our travel, leisure time, work, and more. There are many apps in the market that gives us lots and lots of tracks, music videos, albums, playlists, etc. One among them is Tidal. Tidal is a Norwegian-based streaming service where you can hear 70 million tracks along with 250000 music videos. One of the advantages of Tidal Music is that it has built-in support for the Chromecast. It means you can directly send the Tidal music contents to the Chromecast connected TV or Chromecast built-in TVs. There are four premium plans available ib Tidal Music:

  • Premium – $9.99/month
  • HiFi – $19.99/ month
  • Family Premium – $14.99/month
  • Family HiFi – $29.99/month

Depending on the plans, the audio quality and number of user-profiles will vary.

How to Chromecast Tidal

There are two ways to cast Tidal on Chromecast connected TV or Chromecast built-in TV. Either you can cast it from the Tidal app installed on the smartphone or by using Chrome browser on your Windows or Mac computers.


  • Connect Chromecast to your TV and choose the proper input source on your TV.
  • If you had a Chromecast built-in TV, ensure that the Chromecast feature was enabled.
  • Connect your Chromecast and the casting device to the same network.
  • On your smartphone, ensure that the Tidal app was updated to the latest version.
  • If you’re using the PC Chrome browser for casting, go to the browser settings and update it to the latest version.

Using Tidal on Android or iPhone

#1 Launch the Tidal app installed on your smartphone or tablet.

#2 Go to the Now Playing screen and look for the cast icon.

Chromecast Tidal

#3 Tap that icon and choose your Chromecast device.

#4 Now, play the song you want and hear it on your Chromecast connected device.

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Using Chrome Browser on PC

#1 Launch the Chrome browser on your PC and visit

Chromecast Tidal

#2 Login to your Tidal account and click the three dot menu icon on the top right corner.

#3 Choose the Cast menu.

#4 Select your Chromecast device and then play the song or playlist you want.

If you had any trouble while casting the Tidal music, restart both the devices and then cast the music. As said earlier, make sure to have an updated version of Tidal Music on your smartphone for seamless streaming. Visit for more tutorials.