Google Chromecast is a device that is used to cast your phone or desktop screen to the TV. Many applications are made compatible with Google Chromecast to make the casting experience richer. As Google concentrates more on Android, it is very easy to set up and cast from an Android phone to TV. This doesn’t make casting over the iPhone difficult. To Chromecast iPhone, first, you have to set up Chromecast and iPhone. After completing the setup process, you can easily cast from your iPhone to a larger screen.

Setup Chromecast from iPhone

It is better to set up Chromecast from iPhone and add it as a device for regular usage of the device.


  1. Chromecast
  2. Google Home app on the iPhone
  3. WiFi Connectivity

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Setup Procedure:

1. Connect your iPhone to the WiFi network in which you will be connecting the Chromecast.

2. Plugin your Chromecast to the TV.

3. Open Google Home app on your iPhone.

Google Home app
Google Home App

4. The app will prompt to turn on your Bluetooth. (You can either connect to the Chromecast device via Bluetooth or you can connect to the device by joining the Chromecast hotspot).

  • If you want to join via Bluetooth, then swipe up and tap on the Bluetooth button. Now the Google Home app will connect our iPhone to Chromecast using Bluetooth.
  • If you don’t want to connect via Bluetooth, then click on “No Thanks” when the app prompts for Bluetooth connectivity and then open iPhone Settings -> WiFi and connect to the WiFi which looks similar to ChromecastXXXX.
How to Chromecast iPhone?
Connect to the Wifi Network

Note: Google recommends connecting your Phone and Chromecast via Bluetooth for the faster and easier setup process.

5. If you have minimized your Google Home app for connecting Wifi, then open the app back.

6. On the home page of Google Home app, click on Add New Device.

How to Chromecast iPhone?
Add New Device

7. Tap on “Set up device” and then “Set up New devices“.

8. Now follow the steps displayed on your phone. You have to choose the region, sync your Google account, enter the Wifi password for the Chromecast to connect.

Once you are done with all the setup, you can find the Chromecast device added to the Home app on your iPhone.

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How to Chromecast iPhone?

Once the setup procedure is completed, you can easily cast videos and audio from iPhone, by launching the Google Home app and clicking on the “Cast” button on the top of it.

There is a list of Compatible Chromecast apps, you can open an app to find the cast icon available in it. By clicking on the cast icon, you can cast the particular content of the application and see in on the larger screen.

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Google Chromecast is no longer supporting Chromecast setup from desktop and hence, you have to either set up Google Chromecast from mobile devices only. You can either use iPhone/iPad or Android mobile phone to set up Google Chromecast.

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