Just Dance Now is one of Ubisoft’s most popular music video gaming applications. Just Dance Now app on Smartphone (Android/iPhone) permits a group of people to join together and enjoy the party time. Our Smartphone will turn into a motion controller for user comfort. The developer suggests that Chromecast is the best way to view it in a wide frame for projecting the game on TV. In order to play the game, the user has to control the game via Smartphone and a screen to display the video songs. You can easily Chromecast Just Dance Now to TV and start watching it on TV.

Chromecast is an awesome device and a simple online way to enjoy music, videos, and games. Plugin the Chromecast device into any high-definition (HD) TV and use your Smartphone to monitor and control. The Chromecast device detects automatically and accesses the game via Smartphone.

Chromecast Just Dance Now to TV

Just Dance Now is one of the compatible Chromecast app to screen it in TV. You can Chromecast Just Dance Now app using the below apps:

  1. Android (5.0 and higher)
  2. iPhone (iOS 10 and higher)
  3. Mac (macOS 10.14 or higher)
  4. Apple TV (4th Generation or higher)
  5. Tablet, Smart TV, Android TV (Chromecast device)
  6. Web browsers ( Mozilla Firefox, Apple, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 10)


  1. Google Chromecast device
  2. Smartphone/Laptop/Desktop/Tablet
  3. Secured Wi-Fi connection
  4. A Smart TV / Projector with HDMI port

How to Chromecast Just Dance Now app using a Smartphone?

Make sure that your TV and Smartphone are connected to a same Wi-Fi network. The steps to Chromecast Just Dance Now app using Smartphone are listed below.

1: Open Just Dance Now app on your Smartphone.

Chromecast Just Dance Now

2: A Pop-up screen appears asking “Which song would you like to dance to?” Choose any song.

Select song

3: A new screen states, In order to play, you need to control the game and a screen to display the video songs. Click on “Screen Setup” in the bottom of the screen.

Click on Screen setup

4: Next Screen displays “Which screen do you want to play on?” with three different options. Tap on Chromecast icon.

Chromecast Just Dance Now

5: Pop-up screen appears, with the available devices nearby.

6: Tap on the Chromecast device which you would like to cast.

Choose device to cast

7: Once your Smartphone and TV gets connected via Chromecast device, a room number will be created telling that You are the room master.

Chromecast Just Dance Now

8: Hold your Smartphone (Android or iPhone) in the hand and follow the dancing character on screen. Which resembles your reflection in a mirror.

Chromecast Just Dance Now

The same kind of steps is applicable via connecting the Just Dance Now application in Google Chrome browser (Desktop/Laptop), Apple TV, Tablets. These alternate devices can launch the app on TV using a smartphone or via a computer. You can add many friends to the game by sharing the QR code or by the number displayed at the top left of the screen.


By following the above method, you can chromecast the Just Dance Now app on your TV. This application holds upto 500 tracks and there is no limit for players to join. There is a possibility to earn coins by purchasing a VIP pass. It is always fun to dance with your friends and see it on TV in the form of a game.